Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 6/5/16

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.


Revisiting Godello, a Grape That Spain Has Rescued
Eric Asimov and friends taste wine.

Orange wine – the new white – is appearing on menus at the world’s finest restaurants
Says the South China Morning Post, no less.

Champagne With Fried Chicken: Sparkling Wine Is No Longer Just About Luxury And Prestige
We should all drink more.

Obama’s Wine of Choice Is Now Almost Impossible to Find
So rare to have a non US wine served at a Presidential function.

Wines of the Grand Valley: Exploring Palisade’s East Orchard Mesa
A bit of the history of the Colorado wine scene.

Forbidden Fruit – Wine and Celebrities
Does celebrity wine sell? Hell yes.

How To Avoid Fake Wines At Auction
The answer? Only when they come direct from the producer.

Enjoy Some Weed with Your Wine in Napa Valley
Napa beginning to relax.

Eureka, a Cult Wine That Lives Up to Its Hype
Lettie Teague visits Clos Rougeard.

Moët’s Chinese Wine ‘A Logistical Nightmare’
Pretty remarkable set of circumstances for production

Jefford on Monday: The sacred and the transcendent
What is the spirituality of wine?

Ancient remains stake Georgia’s claim as cradle of wine culture
6000 BC is old.

Winemakers fight to save some of Oregon’s most coveted wine
Pre-phyloxerra vines.

Larger Wine Glasses Lead To Drinking More, According To Study
Nature abhors a vacuum. We abhor an empty-looking glass

Wine Critics – Everything Old Is New Again
Critics squabbled even 3000 years ago.

Turning Cemeteries Into Wine at a California Diocese
“Making cemeteries relevant to the modern world” they say.

The Best Wedding Wines–According to Betrothed Sommeliers
Lettie Teague asks what somms are going to serve at their own weddings.

Are You Really a Critic?
Matt Kramer on the ‘merely captious.’

Sacha Lichine Is the Man To Blame For That Glass of Rosé You’re Holding
Jay McInerney on the rosé boom.

Can Science Build a Fake Wine That’s Just as Good as the Real Thing?
Give you a hint. When I asked to taste it, they said it wasn’t ready.

Searching for China’s signature wine grape
Still looking

VIDEO: Weekend hailstorms ravage parts of France and Italy
Tough to watch.

David Schwimmer puts in the work: On learning wine, waiting tables and why he “campaigned for years for a black girlfriend” for Ross Geller
Method acting.

What makes a good wine bar?
Andrea Frost on her standards.

Jefford on Monday: Ch&acric;teauneuf in the cellar
Andrew Jefford checks in on 3 vintages from the last 30 years

English sparkling wine ‘undervalued’, says Master of Wine
English Fizz in the spotlight.

An inside look at Bordeaux’s new wine museum
More descriptions of the Cité du Vin.

From Gas-Fitter to Owner of Chateau Dereszla
This is why Hungarian wine is being held back.

The big bang
Fantastically reported story about what happened in Australia

Wine-store signs often deceptive, group says
It ain’t just BevMo!

Conference Signals England’s Arrival as Wine Country
Cool Climate Wine celebrated in England

Caymus compliance case wraps up, vintner warns of threat to industry
Red tape galore.

500,000 Litres Missing From French Cooperative
Ooops. That took a while to notice.

Nicholasville Winery Certified as the First Commercial Vineyard in U.S.
Kentucky Wine!

High in the Dolomites
Robert Camuto hangs out with Hofstätter

T&’C’s Wine Critic Goes Undercover as a Sommelier
Somehow I missed this article from earlier this year. Priceless. “The book thing must not be working out for him” says one diner.

Mondavis Discuss Generational Changes
Younger generation speak with students at UC Davis

A Tale of Wine Incompetence, Crookery and Comedy
Tom Wark on the recent crooked auction.

The changing shape of the wine world
Jancis Robinson on climate change.

Why Alcohol Companies Oppose Legal Pot in Arizona, but Support it in Nevada
It’s all about the money