Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 6/12/16

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.


Way Out on the West Sonoma Coast
Excellent guide by Virginie Boone.

China’s Bordeaux: winemakers in ‘gold rush’ to turn desert into vineyards
In-depth story on the land grab.

Are bacteria the secret to a great wine vintage?
Microbes are increasingly the rulers of this planet.

Everything You Need To Know About German Wine
Well, maybe not quite everything.

Tokaj Commemorates its Holocaust Connection
The Jews of Tokaj are a little known story.

Virginia’s Revolutionaries
Nice article on Virginia superstars.

Ten ways to define a “cool climate” wine region
Erica Symanzski reports from the ICCWS.

U.S. vintners fracture over TTIP wine debate
It’s time to play fair.

Jefford on Monday: Terroir: France’s dueling definitions
The Bordeaux way and the Burgundy way.

Is the Time Right for “Big Wine” to Cast Their Footprint on Mt. Etna?
Alfonso Cevola doesn’t think so.

Wine Brand Battles with its Former Self
The Prisoner brand sells for big bucks, and then so does the guy who invented it.

Justin Vineyards criticized for clear-cutting oaks
Ugly looking project, indeed.

Wine is still an ‘old boys club’ with women under-represented in key roles
Erin Smith responds to an article by Guy Woodward (making the same point).

Chuck Wagner, Caymus Vineyards
Dorothy Gaiter talks with Wagner, Sr.

Anson: Bordeaux before the French Revolution
Jane Anson puts on the hat of an historian.

A Bordeaux-blend from Where?
Barbara Sturgis on the pioneering Spitaleri family

Alibaba billionaire Jack Ma buys next Bordeaux château
Another one to add to his collection.

Greece’s Time for International Prominence
Nickolaus Hines calls it right

Land of the rising grape
Jancis goes deep on Japanese wine

Argentina: The New Wave of Malbec Producers
Amanda Barnes on Cara Sur and others

The Spanish Revolution
Tim Atkin on the changing times in Spain.

Why Grower Champagne? An Interview with Angéline Templier J. Lassalle
Christopher Barnes talks to a small producer

Suspected death threat sent to Burgundy winemaker
Unclear whether this was a threat or a warning. But interesting to hear that BIVB has considered banning herbicides.

Guiseppe Sesti and the Rinvigoration of Brunello
Monty Waldin talks with Sesti

Is It a Snake? Is it a Shoe? No, it’s Bordeaux Cité du Vin
Le Pan on the new Wine Disneyland

Why Txakoli is Taking North Carolina by Storm
Because pouring wine all over yourself is fun

Toronto’s best new private wine clubs
Sounds like fun!

Wine industry is changing; Joe Wagner is the face of transformation
Esther Mobley on the meteoric career of Joe Wagner

After Only 400 Years, Commercial Wine From Brooklyn, NY
Thomas Pellechia on Brooklyn’s vinous aspirations

Clos Encounters at Krug
Rebecca Gibb on th release of Clos du Mesnil

How to sell wine to the super-rich
Victoria Moore on the world of Berry Bros. and Rudd.

What makes the wines of Etna so special?
Report from an Ian D’Agata seminar.

Szabo: Volcanic Wine Impossible to Define
Author of a forthcoming book on volcanic wine talks about complexity

Why Burgundy Is Still the Greatest Place for Wine
Jon Bonné on the newest oldest wine region.