Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 8/14/16

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.


Can a Once-Hip Wine Region Be Cool Again?
Lettie Teague explores Carneros

The Ascent of the Female American Sommelier – Interview with Rebecca Murphy – Pt.II
Alfonso Cevola continues his interview with Rebecca Murphy

The Ascent of the Female American Sommelier – Interview with Rebecca Murphy – Pt.III
The final installment.

Charles Bieler and the Growth of American Rosé
Christopher Barnes interviews.

Clayton fire in Lake County destroys Lower Lake winery
Another deadly summer.

By the numbers: California wine’s place in the world
Esther Mobley secretly loves spreadsheets.

Has all the value gone out of California wine?
Not completely, but it’s headed that way.

Championing Colorado’s rugged terroir: The new generation of wine makers
Christina Holbrook highlights some top talent from the Rocky Mountains.

Drinking History with the Hearst Family
Matt Kettman does a Then-and-Now bit, for fun.

A Winning Time for German Wine
Wine Enthusiast asks three top members of the trade about their favorites.

Drinking Naked Wines
TechCrunch checks out wine crowdfunding.

Bordeaux vintners raise a glass to Brexit
Wine sales reach five-year high thanks to weaker Pound.

5 Winning Brazilian Wines from Vale dos Vinhedos
Britt Karlsson shares her favorites.

Chilean Winery’s Secret is Altitude and Attitude
Adam Lechmere talks with Felipe Tosso, chief winemaker at Chile’s Viña Ventisquero.

How Czech Wine Got Its Terroir Back
Cool story about revitalization.

Wine bloggers gather in Lodi
They came, they saw, they drank, they wrote.

This is how your favorite wine gets made: Forget Uber — tech pioneers are chasing the perfect Cab
Salon reports on the high-tech end of Napa.

The Wine Show Is So Bizarre It Almost Can’t Help But Be Charming
Vogue reports on the latest incarnation of wine on TV.

The Scourge of Tourism Circa 1972
Rob McMillan on the double-edged sword of tourism.

Boavista: A New Douro Icon?
Simon Woolf describes a new discovery.

The objectivity of subjectivity in wine tasting and UC Davis’s first enology professor
Erika breaks it down

Madeira and Portugal hit by wildfires
So far, no vineyard damage.

Stony Hill’s Cult Chardonnay and Napa’s Longest Tenured Winemaker
Great article on one of Napa’s most underrated wineries.

Trump Winery Vs. Clinton Vineyards Blind Tasting – The Vote is In!
Trump wins on flavor, apparently.

California wine has $114 billion impact in U.S.
That’s a lot for an industry that has to wait years to get permission to open a tasting room.

German Man Becomes Kesten’s New ‘Wine Queen’
First a Syrian refugee, now a guy.

In Sicily, Making a Name for Vittoria
Eric Asimov and Alfonso Cevola taste the good stuff.

A Wine Business Built With Private Cellars
The story behind Cellaraiders.

Candy Has a Bearing on Whispering Angel’s Success?
Who would have thought that candy sales would drive wine sales?

Bernard Repolt: Burgundy in the Blood
Adam Lechmere interviews a man revitalizing an old Burgundy name.

How Do You Make a Wine That Costs $3.50?
It’s very, very, very hard to do.

Fire Still Blazing but Wind Keeps Vineyards Safe
Sighs of relief from Monterey County.

Wine Appellation Flavor Map
Interesting, if esoteric examination of the wine world.

Owner of Bankrupt Wine Store Premier Cru Will Plead Guilty to Fraud
And good riddance to him.

Premier Cru Staffer Spills Beans About Ponzi Scheme
Fraud was no surprise it seems.

Premier Cru owner spent $900K on dates met online
That’s $900k of other people’s money.

Wine, women and scam: High-end seller guilty in Ponzi scheme
The Chronicle’s take.

Wave Of Mergers And Acquisitions Sweeps U.S. Wineries
Gold rush?

Interview with Alpha Omega Head Winemaker, Jean Hoefliger
Sean Sullivan discusses style and recent vintages.

Illinois Governor Urged to Veto Wine Drinkers Felony Bill
Lousy legislation that should go away.

Northern California wine grapes exposed to smoke from Soberanes Fire; wine to taste ‘differently’
It’s hard to know exactly whether there will be problems or how bad they will be.

Champagne shortage looms after frost, rot and mildew
Time to break out the back vintages!

Can Californian Cabernet improve with age?
William Kelley says the question no longer bears asking.