I’ll Drink to That: Giacomo Conterno of Poderi Aldo Conterno

Episode 380 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently and features Giacomo Conterno, who works with his family at Poderi Aldo Conterno, a winery located in the Monforte d’Alba area of Piemonte’s Barolo zone.

Conterno is today one of Barolo’s grandest names, and the wines of Aldo Conterno have had a strong following in the United States, but an interview with Aldo’s son Giacomo is a rare occurrence. You do not find many alternatives to this one online. It turns out that the lack of attention has been some loss, as this talk finds Giacomo divulging all kinds of information that Barolo fans will love hearing about. From the differences between the old bottlings of Aldo Conterno and those of his brother Giovanni to the diversity of the hillside crus that the winery controls today, and through to the difference between the famed Ginestra vineyard and his own areas of Bussia. The talk even veers into interesting sidelights, for example about the Zabaldano family (of Chinato fame) and their holdings in Monforte. It is in the end as much of a family history as a walk through the winemaking, which is in keeping with a family as renowned as this one.

Listen to this episode:

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