Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 10/9/16

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.


Berger: The fallacies of gold medal wines
And this from a guy who hands out medals regularly!

North Coast winegrape harvest speeds to finish
Warm days push the last grapes over the top.

Burgundy grape wars: Harvest thefts hit new levels
Awful stuff. Hunt them down like dogs in the street.

Chile’s Small Wineries Are Crushing It
Michael Schachner highlights the little guys (and gals).

In Loving Memory ~ Wine Professional Peter Nowack
Jo Diaz remembers Peter

What next for Château Miraval?
Tim Atkin weighs in on the future of Brangelina’s estate

Water Dowsing: Science, Magic, or Crazy Talk?
Just like Homeopathy…

Exploring the Swartland, the Other South African Wine Region
Conde Nast Traveler gets in on South Africa’s best kept secret.

Post-Brexit: What the wine merchants are doing
Freezing prices, apparently.

Jefford on Monday: On the trail of the organic supervines
The future of viticulture might be new vinifera hybrids says Andrew Jefford.

Siberian wine could be coming to a table near you
A follow up on this story. Global warming anyone?

Chinese stomp all over the French to win wine-tasting contest
Anyone who underestimates the Chinese drive for accomplishment is going to lose. Here’s another story with the list of wines tasted for the curious.

Inside the Manhattan winery that produces more than 6,000 cases of wine every year
Photo essay on City Winery

Bill Zacharkiw: Israeli wine makes strides
Bill makes a trip and comes back convinced.

Washington wine’s next generation: Will Camarda heeds the call of the wine
Andy Perdue profiles the next generation.

It’s Time to Give High-Alcohol Wines a Chance at the Dinner Table
Now there’s a headline that goes against the trend.

France’s Wine Output to Slump to 4-Year Low as Vineyards Ravaged
Buy more French wine!

Battle Lines Drawn in Spain’s Wine War
Manifestos and shots across the bow.

Madeira Makes a Comeback
In cocktails no less.

Why Bordeaux Blanc Should Be A Household Wine Staple
Lauren Mowery loves her some Graves.

The Next Generation of French Winemakers
Brief profiles of a few to watch.

How Climate Change Will Completely Transform Wine as We Know It
Warmer is the new normal.

Things You Didn’t Know About Chardonnay
Chardonnay 101.

Why the French want in on South Africa’s wine
Picking up on the recent Forrester sale.

The Unsung Heroes Of Wine: An Interview With Viticulturist Barbara Shinn
Lauren Mowery interviews the people who grow the grapes

The Best Wines to Pair With Chinese Food
Sadly, Lettie forgot the Riesling

Anson: The next cult wine? Petit Manseng the ‘great seducer’
It’s tasty stuff!

How collecting wine can be as rewarding as collecting art
Except art never spoils on you.

See How Pét-Nat Wine Is Made, From Vine to Bottle in Just Nine Days
Elin McCoy gets fizzy (and is somehow on both coasts this harvest!)

Film Digs Into a Vintage Wine Hoax
Lettie Teague on “Sour Grapes.”

Why the Fundamentals Matter
Matt Kramer on the five fundamental principles of good wine

Millennials gravitate to high-end wines, survey finds
UC Davis professors release survey results.

What Is Authenticity in Wine?
Zach Sussman ventures into philosophy in the mountains of Styria.

A Frantic, High-Stakes Day in the Life of Napa’s Wine Whisperer
Elin McCoy follows Aaron Pott around during harvest.

The Down Under Influence
How antipodean winemakers are making it here