Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 10/30/16

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.


Andrea Frost doesn’t follow my Delectable feed, and is proud of it.

Five Great Oregon Vineyards Worth Knowing
Paul Gregutt on some of the places in Oregon he likes to drink from.

The spectacular rise & fall of Maison Ilan
Oh dear. This is not good at all. If true, and it certainly seems to be, buyers beware.

Near Sedona’s famed red rocks, a wine trail in Arizona
The Arizona wine trail gets stronger.

‘Ancient’ Winemakers Georgia And Lebanon Grow Exports Into China’s Thirsty Market
Jeannie Cho Lee on alternative tastes for the Chinese market.

Jefford on Monday: Hail and farewell to Pomerol 1982
Andrew Jefford visits some old friends.

Beyond Barolo: Why Piedmont’s Signature Wine Is Just A Fraction Of Its Charm
Lauren Mowery on a week in Alba.

Peter Michael and his Wines: Cool Breezes and a Warm Knight
Dorothy Gaiter profiles Sir Peter Michael.

Who Moves the Market?
Parker still affects prices the most.

Burgundy 2016 harvest report: Who survived nature’s wrath
Mildew comes crashing down.

The ‘Madoff of wine’ stole millions for Ferraris and dates
A profile of Premier Cru’s John Fox.

Grapes of Wrath: Rioja Rebels Changing the Way Wine is Sold
Tim Atkin on Abel Mendoza.

In One of the World’s Oldest Winemaking Regions, a New Generation Revives an Ancient Tradition
Smithsonian Magazine on Armenian wine.

One of Napa Valley’s most important entrepreneurs explains why millennials are changing the wine business for good
Michael Mondavi shares his thoughts on the wine business.

How Roman Wine Wealth Built A Stunning Villa
The ancient world’s wine magnate.

Hugh Johnson’s Lifelong Journey Among the Trees
He wants to be remembered as a gardener. Eric Asimov spends an afternoon with him.

Tunisia looks up to its wine heritage to revive struggling tourism sector
The only problem? “A near absence of a marketing strategy.”

Safe-cracking a memory vault in search of the unicorn wine
Alfonso Cevola dreams of Gattapardo

The elusive M-word
Jancis Robinson on minerality.

Terroir: the rumours of its death have been greatly exaggerated
Jamie Goode on minerality.

“Learning the Joyful Truths” – How wine elders can help today’s young wine lovers – Ex Archium
Alfonso Cevola reflects on his early days.

5 Reasons Celebrities Should Never, Ever Make Wine
Lettie Teague puts her foot down.

Moms Who Work Wine-to-Five
Awesome profiles of awesome ladies.

Sorry your wine preferences aren’t written in your genes.
There’s charlatanism in every field.

Why Texas Is America’s Most Underrated Wine Destination
That’s a bold claim. And a very interesting one.

Mega Purple – an insidious additive that can ruin a wine
If you’re drinking CA reds under $10, you’ve almost certainly tasted it.

Expert scores and red wine bias
A bias towards red among critics?

Wine: why supermarket wine isn’t the bargain it’s cracked up to be
Except when it’s on special.

The next big wine thing?
Gros Manseng?

Millennial Women Have Closed the Drinking Gap
Booze ain’t male dominated.

Ancient wine scroll is one of earliest mentions of Jerusalem
Pre-arrivals were a pain in the ass even back then.

Mainz: Germany’s Wine Capital on the Rhine
A profile of the riverside city.

Oregon wine country sees earliest harvest ever
Looking good, though!

Kansas Authorities Arrest Man for Fraud After Thousands of Dollars Worth of Napa Wine Disappears
Check your licenses people…

Tall Drink of Wine: Behind the Success of Yao Ming’s Napa Valley Winery
It’s all about the brand.

Los Angeles hosts first-ever wine and bug pairing
Actually, I think I’ve seen another one. But sounds like fun!

Moldova’s Growing Wine Ambitions
Biggest wine cellar in the world already…

Head to Paraguay, Serbia and the Czech Republic for a cheap bottle, Wine Price Index 2016 shows
Yes, but how good are those cheap bottles? Or does it matter?

Why Biodynamic Wine Is The Future
Tom Mullen makes his case. 

New Jersey’s DIY Wine Company
Making California wine in New Jersey, of all places.

Inside AXA Insurance’s Prestigious Wine Estates in Bordeaux, Portugal and Hungary
Insurance and wine turns out to be a pretty good match.

The Italian Winemakers’ Cult
Sign me up for this cult. Oh wait. I’m already a member.

How 2 entrepreneurs turned Brooklyn wine into a million-dollar idea
The story behind Brooklyn Winery.

Six Rising Star Winemakers of Alsace
Jon Bonné on the untraditional in an ultra-traditional place.

Five reasons why Provence rosé is like Champagne
Jamie Goode makes an interesting comparison.

Pennsylvania Liberalizes Wine Sales
Liza Zimmerman looks at the recent changes in Pennsylvania

The great debate: the future of wine
Crystal ball time for Felicity and Robert.

The Case — And Fair — For Natural Wine: Interview with RAW WINE Founder Isabelle Legeron MW
Cathy Huyghe talks with the woman behind RAW WINE.