Views of New Zealand Wine Country: Episode 2

Hello from the bottom of the world. I’m still wandering around New Zealand and soaking in all the beauty (not to mention Pinot Noir and Riesling).

Here are some of the very nice things I’ve seen in the past couple of days.

Amazing clouds over Bell Hill Vineyards in the Weka Pass area of Waipara.


Limestone for Pinot? I got yer limestone right HERE. Bell Hill Vineyards.


Looking up at the Angel Flower vineyard at Pyramid Valley Vineyards.


New Zealand has great skies.


With apologies to all others, Rippon is definitely the most beautiful vineyard on the planet.


Morning rain over the hills of Central Otago.


The Last Chance Vineyard, in Central Otago’s Alexandra region, the hottest, and the coldest place in New Zealand.


Storm light over the Rocky Point Vineyard, Prophet’s Rock, Central Otago.


Pinot Noir headed towards veraison in a week or so. Quartz Reef Vineyards, Central Otago.


Storm light over the hills of Central Otago.

And finally, you really must see the meal I had the day before yesterday at Roots Restaurant in the little harbor town of Lyttelton, just over the hill from Christchurch. This was definitely the best meal I’ve had in my three trips to New Zealand and one of the best meals I’ve had in the past couple years of dining all over the world.

Roots Restaurant, Lyttelton, NZ

If you’re anywhere near Christchurch, you shouldn’t miss it.