I’ll Drink to That: Wine Writer Stephen Brook

Episode 424 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently, and it features wine writer Stephen Brook. Brook has authored anthologies, travel books, and a wide range of wine books over the last thirty years, including The Complete Bordeaux, The Wines of Germany, The Wines of California, Wine People, The Wines of Austria, and Bordeaux: People, Power, and Politics. Stephen has also been a Contributing Editor to Decanter Magazine since 1996.

Stephen Brook has been writing about wine for over 3 decades, and over that time, he has seemingly done it all. That includes yearly visits to Burgundy, extensive travel within Austria, a book on German wine, lunches with famous California producers, and many trips to Bordeaux, culminating in a number of books on the wines. Plus, collaborations with Hugh Johnson and Oz Clarke. And travel to India, to Boston, to Australia. This is someone who has seen some things and often written about those as well, within his taut, lucid style of prose. Stephen has regularly made it his work to write the book that other people weren’t writing, and to do so quickly: the sheer amount of his output astounds. So hearing his informed take on how important wine regions have changed over the years is interesting in and of itself. That he is a smart person and quick to speak his mind adds to that interest. This interview contains several anecdotes and missives from the wine writing life and covers a host of different wine world characters. If you’d like an informed and entertaining look back at wine’s last thirty years, check out this interview.

Listen to this episode:

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