Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 8/6/17

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.


Does bottle size matter?
Maybe says Jancis.

Keeping It Simple
Matt Kramer offers five (of presumably many) rules for wine

For the Writer Jim Harrison, a Bandol Red of the Domaine Tempier Was His Reverie, His Lyric.
Bradbury Kuett on flavors of the more literary sort.

Drought and extreme heat may impact Italian wine production
You don’t say.

Jefford: The Guerrilla Guide to Wine – Part One
Andrew Jefford starts at the beginning.

What’s ancient is new again with orange wine
As progressive as ever, those Canadians.

Zim somms take on the world, with your help
A great cause and even greater story.

The American Greed Report: In the market for fine wine? Don’t get burned
Little ‘ol Premiere Cru made it to prime time TV

DNA to Define Your Wine Tastes
I’ll believe it when I taste it.

Alleged wine fraud by Canterbury wine producer a threat to billion-dollar trade
Might be some naughty people in New Zealand.

The Wine Shipping Maze Still Amazes
Befuddles, is really the term.

South Africa Gains New Appellation with a Familiar Name: Cape Town
My bet is that it will be wildly successful.

Meet the Garagiste Winemakers of Paso Robles
Matt Kettman profiles a lot of the little gals (and guys).

Leaving the Appellation System
Jim Budd on Vin de France, with a predictably balanced and non-sensationalist look.

Meet Black Chardonnay
Excellent article by Katherine Cole.

California rosé wine renaissance – and the ones to try
Some good ones on this list.

Rosé Is Exhausting
Only if you think about it too much.

The one in a million wine label
You won’t believe how many wine labels/brands China has.

Colares, Where the Vineyards Snake Through the Sand
Uh oh. The secret is out.

The wine program at Bestia keeps getting weirder, with white wines leading the way
This article makes me both hungry and thirsty.

Bill Zacharkiw: When it comes to wine, irreverence is in good taste
A few no nonsense tips.