Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 10/1/17

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.


Is elevated atmospheric CO2 to blame for rising alcohol levels in wine?
Jamie Goode doing what he does best. Debunking.

Jefford on Monday: Slovenia’s dream white
Rebula, Ribolla, by any other name it would taste as divine.

U.S. Adds Wine to Its Growing List of Trade Disputes With Canada
BC is blowing it, according to U.S.

Parker Please Don’t Go
“Blamed” for diversity, for a change

Frost Scars the 2017 Bordeaux Harvest
The weather giveth and the weather taketh away in Bordeaux, Margaret Rand reports.

Why You Want to Pay More for Wine
Blake Gray reports from the WIFS

How to Sell This When They Ask for That
How one restaurateur is trying to expand horizons

Wine divide: ordinary people and enophiles are experiencing different products
Blake on McIntyre’s article.

Orange Crush
Big O, little O, what begins with O? Orange wines from Oregon, Of course.

How Science Saved Me from Pretending to Love Wine
Fantastic article with the best sub-headline ever: “The fault was not in my stars, nor in myself, but in my fungiform papillae.”

How bureaucracy is keeping Ontario’s best wine off liquor store shelves and nowhere near your dining table
Because the Government is by far the best people to buy and sell wines

Amazon Dealt a Distribution Blow
All those Whole Foods stores you now own? Yeah, they’re a problem.

American Wine Economy Worth $220 Billion
That’s big money.

If any grape can conquer mortality, it is surely Cabernet Sauvignon
Nina Caplan talks longevity

Anson: Inside Lafite’s Chinese wine project – Exclusive
Jane gets the dirt from Shandong.

Blaufränkisch From Austria: The Rewards of Exploration
In which Eric Asimov ushers in the Blaufränkisch boom.

Beaujolais’ Largest Estate Sold for First Time in 300 Years
Is this the location of the next big price inflation?

Italy’s Blade Runner vintage 2017: “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.”
Strange days indeed for Italy.

The 7 U.S. Wine Regions Giving Napa a Serious Run for Its Money
What does Architectural Digest know about wine? The names of a few wine regions.

NPR Launches Wine Club To Help Fund Public Radio
Everyone has a wine club, now

What I Learned By Reading Old Wine Books
Lots to learn

How Wildfire Smoke Affects the Flavor of Wine
Who wants to lick an ashtray?

How Can You Tell if a Young Wine Will Age?
I use the two-day test all the time.

Corks Make Wine Taste Better, According to the Results of This Experiment
Grasping at straws to justify the use of corks

Antica Is One of Napa’s Hidden Treasures
I agree with this headline.

RN74 was a revolution for the wine world. Here’s why it’s closing.
A eulogy of sorts.

Why Natural Bottles Deserve a Place on White Tablecloths
Natural wine and fine dining.

Spanish Variety Mencia Sees First Harvest in California Vineyard
Great idea, IMHO. Lodi is the perfect climate.