Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 10/29/17

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Local wineries could see ripple effects from California fires
Oregon sees an uptick in visitors.

What determines your taste? Why I disagree with Tim Hanni
Jamie Goode does it publicly.

Local Vintner Seth Kunin Passes Away
A sad loss.

Long Island Wines Reach for An Edge
A recent report from Long Island

After the Fires
Elaine Brown on what she experienced.

Isabelle Legeron Asks Us to Think About What We Drink (But Then Relax About It)
An interview with the RAW wine fair founder.

Constellation hedges bets on marijuana boom with Canopy stake
Weed and wine, two great tastes that go great together, apparently.

Where the somms add up
TEXSOMM is a force of nature.

Do Wine Drinkers Really Trade Up?
Yes, I’ve seen it happen.

How to Speak Oenophile: A Wine Lover’s Glossary
Lettie Teague on vocabulary.

Fire and smoke – unwelcome but increasing
Jancis on smoke taint.

Next-Wave Innovation in Sherry
The latest.

Douro 2017 – another earliest vintage ever
Another. And another.

Rising Alcohol Levels: How Winemakers are Adjusting
Technology and technique.

Terroir is a tycoon game that takes you from vine to wine
Wow. A wine video game that might actually be interesting.

Ampelography: What You Need to Know
Just the basics.

Wine Country Fires Leave Undocumented Workers Searching for Aid, Hope
The less publicized damage done.

Jefford on Monday: The Georgia Connection
Andrew Jefford talks to “the Indiana Jones” of wine.

Will wildfires leave lasting economic scars on California’s vital wine country?
An examination of the question.

From Crozes-Hermitage, an Extra Dimension After Delicious
Shhhh. Don’t tell them it’s Syrah!

Anson: Going biodynamic in Ningxia
Jane Anson finds a small BD producer in China.

Who knew England was a great region for sparkling wine?
Some of us.

Crushing it: Why this year’s harvest could put Virginia wine on the national map
Nice long piece about Virginia wine.

South Africa at a crossroads
Jancis on the latest from South African wine.

SA Wine’s Ongoing Lack of Transformation
A local critic laments the state of the state. Read the comments.

New York winery shut down after sex- and poop-filled rager
No one is sorry to see these folks go.

How 6 New Master Sommeliers Made the Cut
More war stories. Love the baby in one arm, Krug in the other!

Washington Wine Leader Cayuse Scrapping Many 2015 Wines Due to Flawed Corks
Ouch. That hurts.

Get to know nebbiolo and its royal court of wines
Michael Austin offers a Nebbiolo primer

Growing Closer in Distant Vineyards
Jameson Fink gets personal.

Prohibition shuttered the world’s largest winery. Now wine is back at Winehaven
Some lovely Bay Area history.

California’s Wildfires and the Complexities of Wine in America
Jon Bonné on the fires.

Wine Production Forecast to Fall to Lowest Level in Over 50 Years
Nature is making it tough.

Jefford on Monday: Barbaresco – myth and reality
Dispelling Nebbiolo myths.