I’ll Drink to That: Burgundy Legend Dominique Lafon

Episode 438 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently, and features Dominique Lafon, the Managing Director of Domaine des Comtes Lafon, the Burgundy domaine based in Meursault. Dominique is also the founder of the Mâcon winery Les Héritiers du Comte Lafon, and the Burgundy négociant label Dominique Lafon. He consults in Oregon at Lingua Franca Wines.

Dominique Lafon is one of the most important Burgundy vintners of his generation, and his accomplishments in the region and outside of it are numerous. He revitalized and expanded his family domaine, he helped bring Meursault to the prominence it now enjoys, he made significant investment in the Mâcon, pioneered the concept of custom crush in Burgundy, and helped bring a swathe of Burgundians to Oregon. He also is that rare Burgundian vintner: one who is equally proficient in both red and white wine production. All of these facets of his career are exhibited in the weave of this interview, and what is striking here is the intricacy of the answers. With almost every response Dominique gives the impression that this is a topic he has thought a lot about, experimenting and testing his ideas thoroughly for decades before giving a reply. This interview is rich in the sorts of insights that only firsthand experience of the terroirs and the people can bring, and covers a lot of ground about why the wines taste like they do. I highly recommend that you give this episode a listen if you are interested in learning more about what Burgundy is today as well as what it has been in the past.

Listen to this episode:

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