I’ll Drink to That: Chisa Bize of Domaine Simon Bize et Fils

Episode 441 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently, and features Chisa Bize, who looks after Domaine Simon Bize et Fils in the Burgundy village of Savigny-les-Beaune.

Chisa Bize has a life with multiple chapters. In one, she is living in Tokyo, near her family and her childhood home, while working in a bank. In the next there is a chance meeting with a traveling Burgundian looking for currency exchange. An invite for the harvest period is proffered, and Chisa decides to take a chance on an adventure: she quits her job, and heads to Savigny-les-Beaune without further future plans in mind. At the beginning the welcome is kind, but the place is lonely, and she is unsure what will happen. A marriage and a baby boy soon join the picture, and Chisa is no longer lonely, or in the possession of much free time. While these whirlwind changes might be the crux of most stories, for Chisa they are just the beginning, and a series of unexpected turns then places her in charge of a historical wine domaine. Her development as a vintner and as a caretaker of key vineyard sites in Savigny takes up a large part of the discussion of this interview, and anyone listening who thought that they would never under any circumstance make wine themselves might listen to this episode and find more than one surprise.

Listen to this episode:

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