I’ll Drink to That: Anne Parent of Domaine Parent in Burgundy

Episode 443 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently, and features Anne Parent of Domaine Parent and Jacques Parent et Compagnie. Both of those are based in the Burgundy village of Pommard. Anne runs both them with her sister Catherine.

Anne Parent’s family has lived in Pommard for multiple generations, and they have sizable holdings in several of the notable crus of that village. While Domaine Parent also makes Corton in both colors, and wine from other appellations, Parent is especially associated with Pommard. Certainly that is where a lot of the insight in this interview is centered. Anne explains how the different parts of Pommard vary from each other, and gives you a sense of the divide in expression that can result. If you have ever scratched your head and wondered how a glass of Rugiens and a glass of Epenots could ever be from nearly the same place, what Anne has to say will make a lot of sense to you. She also has the knowledge to get pretty granular on topics like the distinction between Grands Epenots and Petits Epenots, for instance, or which is the particularly prime portion of Rugiens. As Anne acknowledges in this interview, the richness of Burgundy is its diversity, and there is always plenty to geek out on. If you want to geek out on Pommard, Anne is there to help in this episode.

Listen to this episode:

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