I’ll Drink to That: Enrico Pozzesi Remembers His Friend Giulio Gambelli

Episode 444 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently, and features Enrico Pozzesi. Enrico Pozzesi. Pozzesi is the owner of Fattoria Rodano, the winery located in Castellina in Chianti, in Italy’s Tuscany region. Much of the discussion in this interview is centered on Pozzesi’s friend Giulio Gambelli, who passed away in 2012.

Giulio Gambelli’s name was little known outside of Tuscany for almost his entire life, but the wines he had a hand in helping create, like Le Pergole Torte from Montevertine and the Case Basse Brunello di Montalcino from Soldera, have become justly famous. Those wines are also synonymous with the potential greatness of Sangiovese, the grape variety which Gambelli championed. Gambelli was an advisor and friend to many top producers of Sangiovese in both the Montalcino area and the Chianti Classico zone, and Enrico Pozzesi’s Fattoria Rodano was one of those. Pozzesi knew Gambelli for many years, and this interview is full of details about Gambelli’s character and his method of work. Gambelli was famed as a wine taster, and the stories that Pozzesi shares about Gambelli’s tasting acuity in this episode almost defy belief. The wines that Gambelli helped shape are proof positive of his skill, however, and this discussion provides an excellent window into his approach. If you want to know about the creation of some of Tuscany’s greatest wines, and also about one of its humblest characters, check out this episode.

Listen to this episode:

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