I’ll Drink to That: Reinventing the Cork with Dominique Tourneix

Episode 445 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently, and features Dominique Tourneix, the Director General of DIAM Bouchage. DIAM Bouchage is a wine closure company based in France, specializing in reconstructed cork closures.

Dominique Tourneix has spent over a decade examining how to end the problems associated with wine cork closures, while still retaining the positive attributes of cork. Eliminating cork taint, wine seepage, and the potential oxidation resulting from cork failure, while still providing the elasticity and seal of a traditional cork for wine. His mission has been to rebuild the cork, providing a Steve Austin, Six Million Dollar Man-style closure with enhanced powers not found inside a normal cork. Along the way to understanding how to remedy the problems with traditional cork, Dominique had to study exactly what those were and also the positive capabilities of cork, so the strength of this interview is in his descriptions of those to the listener. Ever wanted to know what causes TCA to form in a cork in the first place? Dominique call tell you. Does TCA travel within a cork, or is it fixed in one spot? What other volatiles might be in there inside the cork as well? How does the surrounding temperature relate to the longevity of a cork? These are all subjects that Dominique explains in-depth. There are surprising reveals, such as the potential effect of climate change on the cork forests of the world. If you want to know more about that piece of cork that you might be taking for granted, this is an excellent tutorial to check out.

Listen to this episode:

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