I’ll Drink to That: Will Predhomme of Pearce Predhomme Wines

Episode 447 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently, and features Will Predhomme. Will is the President of Predhomme, Inc., a wine communications firm based in Toronto, Canada. He is also a partner in the Pearce Predhomme wine label, sourcing wine from Oregon and South Africa.

Will Predhomme has served wine in restaurants in several different parts of Canada over a long career, and part of the what this discussion brings to the table is insight into the different wine markets within that country. How does Toronto differ from Calgary or Windsor when it comes to wine? Will shares the answers from his experience. He also recounts his transition into self-employment after that sommelier career. Many sommeliers start to ask “what next?” at some point in their careers, and this interview addresses that question head on, as well as the various challenges that are associated with leaving the restaurant floor behind. This is a conversation about the rewards and also the difficulties that emerge from that kind of change. There is an acknowledgement that a lot of what happens post-sommelier career is uncharted territory, with a need for reinvention and few clear pathways to a new career. As more and more of the young sommeliers around the world move into a different stage of their careers, this kind of conversation may become increasingly relevant.

Listen to this episode:

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