I’ll Drink to That: The Aligoté Thread

Episode 451 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently, and features a special segment by Erin Scala entitled The Aligoté Thread. It showcases interviews with Fanny Sabre of Domaine Fanny Sabre, Sylvain Pataille of Domaine Sylvain Pataille, Pierre de Benoist of Domaine A. & P. de Villaine, Frédéric Lafarge of Domaine Michel Lafarge, and more.

One of the advantages Burgundy has is that it can meet a drinker at any level. Whether you just want a glass of Pinot, or you would rather study minute differences in terroir expression or vintage character, Burgundy can reward you with what you are searching for. It is a complex whole that can also be easily grasped in parts. One of those parts that is often overlooked is Aligoté. How many times have you heard that red Burgundy is Pinot Noir and white Burgundy is Chardonnay? Well, that is not the whole story, and Aligoté can offer up its own complexities (and pleasures!) to those looking for them. It turns out that Aligoté is not even one thing, as Erin Scala discovered when she went around and spoke to top producers. Aligoté Doré is distinct from Aligoté Vert. Erin’s explanation of those differences features commentary from producers which Erin recorded on-site, and the chorus effect that she achieves by incorporating those voices into the episode brings listeners along with her to the cellars of Burgundy. When Fanny Sabre announces on the tape that she adores Aligoté, the excitement in her voice provides ample inducement to give Aligoté another look, if you haven’t already. And the other vigneron featured in the episode are just as compelling, such as the Aligoté luminaries Sylvain Pataille and Pierre de Benoist. If you want to better understand what Aligoté has to offer, check out this episode.

Listen to this episode:

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