I’ll Drink to That: Geologist Brenna Quigley

Episode 463 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently, and it features Brenna Quigley, a geologist who works as a consultant in the wine industry.

Brenna Quigley is a geologist focused on “hard rocks”, a specialization that seems slippery at first (aren’t all rocks hard?) but listening to Brenna explain the different family groups of rocks and how they may interact with grape vines provides a quick and informed primer into why this sort of distinction is important. She gives a tour through France’s rock formations in this interview, and explains what wine regions correspond to which rock types. She also breaks down (“breaks down” is an inside joke, as it turns out) the origins of soil, and what different types of soil there are out there. Confused as to why some limestone is Jurassic and some other limestone isn’t? Brenna explains the answer to this as well as other questions that may have crossed your mind, like just what the difference is between limestone and chalk, and what that difference may mean for vines. Also, what’s the deal with clay? If you’d like to broaden your geology and wine knowledge, Brenna is a good guide to what you should know.

Listen to this episode:

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