Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 10/27/19

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

**** NOTE ****
If you want the latest news on the Kincade fire in Sonoma County, I highly recommend searching the Twitter Hashtag #kincadefire, which will present you with far more up-to-date information than any other source. You can also check out my daily updates to a story I wrote for Jancis Robinson for free on her web site.

This Genius Woman Hacked Her Fridge to Dispense Wine Instead of Water
Who among us has not dreamed? Better drink it fast though.

Kincade Fire Tears Through Sonoma County, Inches Toward Napa
Tonight will be a big test.

Wine Country farmworkers stay in fields, can’t avoid smoke — and face serious health risks
The fire is hardest on them.

Why are wineries using wax seals when so many people hate them?
Same reason they use heavy bottles.

Remembering Chip Cassidy
Miami’s wine guru has died.

Carbonic Maceration Breaks Out of Beaujolais
For better and worse.

Sonoma’s Soda Rock and Field Stone Wineries Burned by Kincade Fire
Spectator reports.

The economics of ageing wine
Robert Joseph says it’s your problem now.

People to Know: Bill Harlan
Karen MacNeil interviews.

PG&E admits it may have ignited Kincade Fire
No kidding.

Transatlantic trade war effects
Jancis talks with folks about the tariffs.

The great debate: Montreal sommeliers share their thoughts on natural wine
Nice to hear from our friends up north.

Bracing for winds, authorities order thousands to flee California wine country blaze
It’s major disaster.

Italy Winemakers Look To Adapt To Climate Change
An interview with Angelo Gaja

California’s new normal: Wildfires, ash and power outages could last a decade
Scary. How about we just all go solar?

What A Fight Between Airplane-Makers Means For French Wine
NPR on tariffs.

Brush Fire Threatens Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California’s Famous Wine Region
Not just Sonoma County

California Wineries Shut as Fire Tears Through Sonoma County
And still tearing.

Kincade Fire threatens Sonoma County wineries
And with major winds coming, this has the makings of a major disaster.

Kincade Fire Stills Rages in Sonoma’s Alexander Valley
Unfortunately growing and dangerous.

Sweet And Complex, Golden Bordeaux Wines Go Beyond Dessert
Underrated for sure. Though getting pricey.

Where There’s A Wine, There’s A Way
The trick is to skip the bottle.

For Burgundy’s best-value wines, look south
Dave McIntyre times two.

Fall Of Berlin Wall Transformed Fortunes Of Saxony Wine
East German wine renaissance.

Freshness in a Changed Climate: High Altitudes, Old Grapes
Eric Asimov examines climate change through the work of the Torres family.

Why Greek wines deserve more love
Because they’re awesome.

Julia Jackson of Jackson Family Wines loses Geyserville home in Kincade Fire
Unfortunately, one of the first of many it seems.

What Makes a White Wine Ageworthy?
Acid, acid, acid. And some other stuff.

Iron Age Celts bonded over love of wine, suggests study
People never change.

A Quick Guide to Understanding Israeli Wine
A primer of sorts.

Randall Grahm’s new Cigare Volant wines are more approachable, more youthful and cheaper
A new approach to the brand.

A French Wine From China? This $300 Bottle Is the Real Thing
What you need to know. Except how it tastes.

What is Carbonic Maceration, or Whole-Cluster Fermentation?
The basic 101.

How To Grow Grapes And Make Wine In Pennsylvania, From The Ground Up
Cathy Huyghe sharpens her Penn.

Pennsylvania Wine For The Win: A Gut Check On Challenges And Hopes
The second installment.

Women-owned wineries on the rise in Wine Country
Bring it on!

Climate Change Is Altering the Taste of the World’s Great Wines
Bigger and riper, says Elin McCoy.

California Looks to Another Classic Vintage
As long as it doesn’t all burn down.