Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 2/9/20

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

French Wines Facing Challenges to Growth, New Report Warns
Thank you, USA and China.

Napa Green, aided by Napa Valley Vintners, to become nonprofit organization
A good move.

US is a ‘Replaceable’ Importer of European Wine
The Chinese will make up for it, they say.

The Email You Don’t Want to Get
Utterly depressing, but not very surprising.

Turning the Tables on Tom Wark
One of us old farts.

An Expert Display of Speed and Technique at the 19th Annual Napa County Pruning Contest
One of these days I want to watch this.

Are wine scores from different reviewers correlated with each other?
Yes and no.

Backed By A Billionaire, A Santa Barbara Winery Goes Happily Rogue
Well, rogue for a billionaire.

Visiting Château Cos d’Estournel, St Estéphe: one of Bordeaux’s top estates
Jamie gets the nickel tour.

Where Are Natural Wine’s Next Frontiers?
Alice Feiring continues to explore.

AI wine writing: Maybe it’s not around the corner after all
The Wine Curmudgeon is not ready to be replaced by a computer.

Coronavirus crisis | Ten ways China’s wine trade has been hurt
Jim Boyce is on the ground.

In Champagne: Leclerc Briant
Jamie Goode profiles this house.

How feasible is biodynamic wine production?
How feasible is hand-sewing your clothes?

INAO Backs Down from ‘Bourgogne’ Decision
Someone saw some sense.

A Few Days in Central Otago
Elaine does another of her Instagram summaries.

Bosnia-Herzegovina – at the crossroads
Another emerging (from the darkness) wine region.

Come down from the mountain, Valtellina
Jancis likes some mountain Nebbiolo.

Greenhouse gases and climate change
A primer.

30,000 Acres of California Wine Grapes Need to be Removed, Says Allied Grape Growers

Police Arrest Drug Dealer and Fine Stolen Wine Meant for the Queen
And now we know what the Queen REALLY likes to drink.

My epiphany with South African pinotage
Laurie Daniel breaks through the green.

The great investable wines of Australia
Better to just drink them.

Romania: a winemaking country in search of its identity
But there will be great things to come.

Treasures revealed: the wines of North Macedonia
Another part of the technicolor world of wine begins to shine.

How To Rethink Chardonnay
Matt Dees to the Hilt.

Australian winemakers testing new grapes to deal with global warming
As are most sane people.

How much terroir expression do you really want in your wine?
Just enough to make it pretty. Right darling?

Sparkling Wine in Wartime
Indelibly tied to war.

Don’t Call It “Sparkling Wine”
Pet-nat and everything else.

Couple Quarantined on Cruise Ship Order Wine by Drone
If this is actually true, and not a PR prank, these folks are my new heroes.

How to Stay Informed About Tariffs and How to Take Action
Seven Fifty has the rundown.

17 Compounds Determined Most of a Red Wine’s Aroma, Study Finds
Too early to generalize, but interesting.

More Wine Tariffs on the Horizon
As long as this administration is in business.

When restaurant wine lists intimidate even the dining pros, something needs to change
Dave McIntyre talks Twitter rants.

Bigg Market gents’ toilet transformed into wine bar
Gentrification, they call it.

Newsletter: A critic and a somm discuss the art of exceptional wine service
Bill Addison and Kae Whalen.

Georgian Winemaker Keto Ninidze is a Journalist, Activist and Wine-Tourism Pioneer
More from the WE Advocacy issue.

Volcanic Wines Explode In Central France
Volcanic Gamay. Tom Mullen does an in-depth look.

French Winemakers Feel the Tariff Pain
Yes, but will they work?

How Trump’s Wine Tariff Could Wind Up Being Seismic in California
By going into effect.