Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 7/19/20

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

How to Help South African Wineries During Lockdown
Buy buy buy!

The Divisive Impact of Brettanomyces in Wine
Spice or scourge. You tell me.

How Has Covid-19 Impacted the Competitive World of Wine Allocations?
Some interesting quotes in this piece.

Napa’s wineries feel the squeeze over flip-flopping opening restrictions
Definitely painful.

U.S. Wine Industry Dodges One Tariff Bullet, Still Faces Another
Not over yet.

Why Some Winemakers in Europe Choose to Declassify Their Wines
A decent primer on the subject.

Big Changes at Château Lafite
James Lawrence reviews what’s new.

SA wine – a troubled and troubling industry
Tim James takes an even-handed look at the current pains.

The Disturbingly Long History of Lead Toxicity in Winemaking
Interesting history that leaves out lead capsules on bottles.

A New Chapter at Krug Champagne
More coverage of the changing of the guard at Krug.

Appeals Court Ignores SCOTUS Wine Ruling
Disturbing disregard for new precedent.

Ravenswood in Limbo
Joel Peterson talks about the future of un-wimpy wines.

New York Wineries Adjust to Governor’s New Pandemic Hospitality Rules
Not just CA.

Moderate Drinking May Reduce Risk of Cognitive Decline
Great news for most of us. Until the next study comes out.

A very serious discussion about wine advertising
Robert Joseph advocates for more humor.

Celebrities Could Be Making Good Wine. Instead, They’re Making Bad Wine for Good Money.
Let’s hope the celebs all read Esquire.

Lapierre: visiting the natural hero of Beaujolais
Jamie Goode talks natural Gamay with the king.

Could Timorasso Be Italy’s Most Exciting, Age-Worthy White Wine?
Haven’t had old bottling, myself.

Equality in the SA wine industry takes leap forward
Fantastic progress. I leave it to others to say whether it is a leap.

From Good Wine, a Direct Path to the Wonders of Nature
Eric Asimov pens a beautifully introspective piece.

Part Three: Wine Education – My Guiding Frame of Reference
Terry on wine education.

Oak barrels could contribute to bitter taste in wine, spirits
Oh, is THAT what that is?

Wineries scramble for digital marketing tools in pandemic
Selling just got a lot harder.

COVID’s Winery Wake Up Call: It’s About Marketing, Not Winemaking
Says an expert. Let’s not throw out the winemaking just yet.

Joe Fattorini: Cameron Diaz’s ‘clean’ wine deserves an Oscar
A couple of great one liners in this one…

An intern’s tale
An outsider’s perspective on South African wine industry.

California North Coast vintners should shift marketing to survive until economy recovers in 2022-2023, experts say
Easier said than done.

In Wine Country, coronavirus cases rise in cramped farmworker housing
Something the wine industry can, and should, do something about.

Tyson Stelzer: The era of grower Champagnes is over
Rough going for small producers.

Joe Fattorini on life for sommeliers in lockdown
Puppies and blind tasting.

Satyricon Frontman Sells Most of His Wine Business For Over $5 Million
Wow, a celebrity getting OUT of the wine business.

Why we should all be drinking South African right now
Help the industry survive.

Cameron Diaz’s new ‘clean’ wine Avaline meets none of the natural wine standards
Shocker, eh?