Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 2/21/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Wine Gets Some Skin in the Game
Who doesn’t love a little maceration?

Portuguese wine: in search of hidden treasures
Simon and Ryan are working on a new book.

How About a Wine Pairing Tonight?
Yep. The rules are bunk.

Building New Power Structures in the Wine Industry
Everyone should read this. Pamela Busch has been doing a lot of thinking.

Wine recommenders, and the tyranny of choice
And then there’s the Paradox of Choice, as well.

Krug chef de cave Julie Cavil on being “at one” with the house
Now there are two ladies in charge.

Wine’s Future Depends on its Original Guardian, the Viticulturist
Farming faces the climate crisis.

Are “Importers” an Endangered Species?
Terry Theise examines his existence.

Pergola Taught
A thoughtful post.

How to Think About Wine Vintages
Great article. But really I want a t-shirt with that illustration on it.

Meet the Proseccos You’ll Be Drinking This Summer
Pink prosecco’s gonna be the biggest thing since Moscato.

Why Sommeliers Are More Essential Than Ever
A sommelier makes the case for survival.

Taurasi’s Renaissance Man
And his son.

California Winemakers Tackle Fire Fighting and Prevention
Gotta try something. Anything.

Beyond High-Profile Scandals, Wine Fraud Is Rampant
$3 billion a year, say experts

Obstacles Aside, Three California BIPOC Owners Are Thriving
Buy Kità wines! They’re awesome.

The Complex Science and Evolving Toll of Smoke Taint
Sean Sullivan on the latest science.

US Courts Deliver Body Blows to Wine
The question is how long the appeals will take.

Farewell to Napa’s annual wine auction, the raucous charity bacchanal that’s ended after 40 years
Reinvention in progress.

Wine Wholesalers Line Lawmakers’ Pockets
Follow the money.

‘New Frontiers of Viticulture’: Emerging Wine Regions Around the World
Lauren wanders the world for us all.

South America’s Most Overlooked Region Is A Wine-Soaked Psychedelic Paradise
Gotta go to Salta.

R.H. Drexel: The Union of Music & Wine: Chatting with MJ Towler of The Black Wine Guy Experience
Always interesting conversation with R.H. Drexel.

California wine companies are doing what hasn’t been done in 20 years: go on the stock market
We shall see.

Flowery, Yes. But the Wines of Fleurie Offer More.
Eric loves him some Gamay.

John Fox, who ran the world’s largest wine Ponzi scheme from his Berkeley store, gets out of prison
So lets see if restitution actually arrives.

France’s Costly Green Wine Revolution
The figures are “less than encouraging.”

Looking For Something Else
Be glad we don’t go for lead flavored wine anymore.

How a group of wine lovers hatched a plan to diversify their industry, one bottle at a time
Good old fashioned community organizing. With a wine club.