Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 6/27/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

The Very Good, Very Hidden Value in Burgundy
Some obscure, and less expensive, names here.

Taste of freedom: a Kurdish winemaker’s journey from Manus Island to the Yarra Valley
Great story.

Wine History Mystery: The Case of the Holy Bone Luge and the King’s Missing Arm

Italian Substitutes for Popular Wine Styles
Italy has everything.

The Glory of Aged Champagne
Oh yes. Age those suckers.

Why Certified Organic Wines Are Worth The Search
Jeff Siegel digs into whether they actually taste better.

One Step Beyond: Pix’s Paul Mabray on the “Golden Age” of wine online
What the future holds.

Cinsault Is Ready for Its Close Up
Love me some Cinsault. Get thee to Itata.

A wine-meets-heavy metal music magazine joins two (seemingly) separate worlds
Wine wants everyone.

The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Gamay
A primer of sorts.

Draught wines: French vineyards rediscover the power of horses
Soft ground and great pictures.

No more virtual wine tasting – let’s get back to the vineyard
Amen, brother.

The Winds Beneath Your Wines
A hidden force.

2021 shaping up to be an exceptional harvest in Thailand
Screw wine dogs. I’m now moving on to winery elephants.

One in five South Korean wine drinkers now purchase wine online

Booming Champagne could reach pre-Covid levels by year-end
Because what better to do than open some when you can hang out with people again?

Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute launches new inclusion effort

Opinion: Reconciling the Racism of Rudolf Steiner
Very important to read.

One Of The Oldest Wine Producing Countries Growing Grapes In Conflict Zones; The Reemergence Of Armenia
Love me some Armenian wines.

French Oak: An Unreliable Memoir
A nice piece. Of wood.

Feet on the Ground for Ungrafted Vines
A bunch of “farmers” hanging out in… wait for it… Monaco.

By the Bottle: Robert Camuto
Alfonso interviews another thoughtful man.

Mexican-American Winemakers
Some names to know.

Chianti Classico caves in on subzones…
Plus news on Vino Nobile….

In Praise of Sauvignon Blanc – and Poodles
An interesting pairing, to be sure.

Coppola Made an Offer it Can’t Refuse
Analysis of the purchase.

NYC Restaurants Stuck With Thousands of Dollars in Unsold Wine as State Ends Takeout Alcohol Program

You plonkers! Daughter, 19, opens her father’s £2,000 vintage Petrus to make sangria at house party with her friends after it was saved for 17 years
Don’t leave your Petrus lying around, friends.

WoSA: ‘Industry deeply disturbed by alcohol ban’
Not again.

How the world’s priciest rosé, Clos du Temple, was officially put on the map
More than $200 per bottle….

Paul B. Lukacs, a specialist in 19th-century American literature at Loyola and wine columnist, dies
RIP, Paul.

The Supreme Court and Wine Shipping: Another Chance
Let’s hope they smack this one down.

Petrus wins trademark case in China
A good surprise.

How Unregulated Cannabis Is Threatening West Coast Wine Growers
Calling it unregulated is a stretch.

What They’re Drinking in Moscow
I could sit and drink in that Cafe Pushkin all day…