Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 7/4/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

The Decameron: Tuscany’s tale of wine and woe echoes the present day
Lovely ruminations.

The Way We Buy Wine Now

What Does ‘Bitter’ Mean in Wine?
An astringent primer.

It’s Nearly Impossible to Get Canadian Wine in the U.S. Here’s Why.
And vice versa, apart from a few brands.

Moët Hennessy lures out fake Dom Perignon online in China
Surprised? Me either.

Why do bottles of Rioja have gold mesh – Ask Decanter
Great question!

Laura Catena on the Storytelling Power of Wine Labels
A fun way to recommend wines.

Terroirs: the wine bar that changed how we drink and dine
A nice remembrance and origin story.

These LGBTQ+ Wine Pros Are Shaking Up an Age-Old Industry
Diversify the voices!

Slowing Down Grape Ripening May Help Wine Survive Climate Change
Interesting study.

The Power in a Glass of Volcanic Wine
John Szabo does his thing, so well.

The Drop’s Wine Horoscopes for July 2021
Prescriptions for some pretty wild wines.

By the Bottle: Christy Canterbury, MW
Alfonso asks, Christy answers.

Wines from Lesser-Known Regions That Over-Deliver
Fun picks.

Sommeliers at Work Under Pressure
More stories of sparkling disasters.

Supreme Court Petitioned on Wine Shipping
Whack-a-mole indeed.

Plans Afoot for Postal Wine Delivery
Not holding my breath on this one. They can barely deliver my mail properly.

Heat the Burning Issue for Oregon Winemakers
Let’s talk shrivel.

The Burning Question for California Wine Country
Lots of burning questions.

Arizona’s Growing Wine Scene
There’s some good stuff in them thar hills.

How to Make Wine Travel More Sustainable
A smattering of ideas.

Meet the Black Winemakers Who Are Diversifying Oregon’s Wine Scene
More names to know!

20 Minutes With: Former NBA Player and Wine Entrepreneur Channing Frye
A deeper look at one of those names.

Georgian Qvevri Granted Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)
This is pretty cool.

A Cambodian village ripped apart by a bad batch of rice wine
Don’t drink methanol.

Croatia and Italy renew feud over prošek and prosecco wines
Tough one. We know what happened to Tocai Friulano.

Changing the Rules for Chianti Classico
Specificity. Nothing wrong with that.

French champagne industry group fumes over new Russian champagne law
How to piss off the Champenois – call it Sparkling Wine.

Priyanka French Is Changing Napa’s Wine Industry for BIPOC Women
Profile of one of Napa’s young stars.

The Paradox of Chenin Blanc
Tastes sweet, but isn’t.

North Coast grape harvest nears with smaller crop amid challenges of drought, wildfires
Tough year coming.

Madeira, America’s Revolutionary Wine
Drink more Madiera.

How Small Label Changes Can Spike or Sink Wine Sales
What’s the difference between “dry Gewürztraminer” and “Gewürztraminer? Answer: $$$$$

Wines That Sing To Themselves
A lovely piece.

The Provable Theory of Terroir
More discussion of the Catena project.

Wine for the rich and/or famous
And sometimes, for the rest of us.

Okanagan Valley frazzles
Brutal heat.

Re-wild at Heart
Cool story. We need more bees.