Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 9/19/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

How Premier Wine Regions Are Adapting to Climate Change
The ongoing story.

Soil signatures may provide wine’s most haunting music
Andrew Jefford reviews three books on soil.

The Death of the Wine Critic Has Left a Hangover
A thoughtful piece from Jason Wilson.

Love Wine? Here Are 10 Ways to Appreciate It Even More
Eric shares the lessons of his Wine School column.

How a Kitsch Wine Launched a South African Renaissance
A fascinating story.

Chilean Wine Flies Its Freak Flag. Very Cautiously
Chris Losh on some less traditional wines.

Empordà – reviving Catalan heritage
Jancis on a little-known corner of Spain.

What’s the Difference Between Oxidized and Oxidative?
One woman’s garbage is another’s treasure.

The New Wave of an Old Wine From Chile
Yesssssssss. Pais.

Okanagan Is a Spectacular Wine Region Within Easy Reach
Yes, indeed.

South Africa’s Sparkling Wine Is Versatile, Affordable, and Joyous
L.M. Archer on Cap Classique.

Great Oregon Wines Beyond the Willamette Valley
Eric Asimov goes a-wandering.

Provence Winemakers Return Home to Charred Vines and Fears of Smoke Taint
Rosé at risk.

Women in Wine: Systematic Exclusion & the Success of Tenacious Women
Something of a history lesson.

With Massive Growth and Mixed Reviews, Scout & Cellar Cannot Be Ignored
Nasty stuff.

Farming One of the Largest Organic Mountain Grown Vineyards
Big commitments in Lake County.

White Stone and Sun
Love me some Croatian wine.

Winemaker David Choi Breaks Down The TikTok Wine Scene And Shares Bottle Recommendations
Hipper than I…

Prosecco or Prošek? Italy and Croatia at loggerheads in the EU
This one is going to the mat.

Bay Area winemakers are feeling climate change more acutely than ever this harvest season
Tiny clusters.

California Finally Gets a “Normal” Vintage
Reports from lots of winemakers.

As Wildfires Collide with Harvest Season, Who’s Protecting Sonoma’s Vineyard Workers?
A very important question.

By the Bottle: Esther Mobley
Esther answers Alfonso’s questions.

The pick of Italy’s indigenous grapes
The man knows his Italian grapes.

Black Wine Businesses Are Cultivating Their Communities
Some encouraging words from Dottie and John.

How Natural Wine Made Me Confront My German Problem
Wine finds the cracks in our walls, suggests Alice Feiring.

Letter to My Younger Somm Self
I want Paula as MY sommelier, for sure.

The Unconventional Weapon Against Future Wildfires: Goats
More goats, please.

How Farming with Horses Makes Better Wine
Or… people who farm with horses make better wine.

How Do You Make a Wine for the Ages?
Instructions here.

A Gut Feeling
Gut, as in “good.”

Corsica’s Pink Wines Share a History With Napoleon, Its Conquering Hero
Anything pink from Corsica is good.

Why LVMH didn’t buy Brunello’s Banfi wine brand
Or actually, why Banfi didn’t sell to LVMH.

Gemischte Messages
Loving these titles. And these stories.

Hermannshöhle Hallelujah
You had me at: “Her child, she thinks, is a Riesling.”

A Remembrance of German Wines Past
Nostalgia of the tastiest sort.

From Proust to Prost
Those eternal tastes.

A light shone on wine intolerance
Jancis on some new research.