Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 10/10/21

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Wine Ingredient Labeling Is Coming to the EU
Fascinating news.

How to Sell Good, Inexpensive Wines Without Pandering
Pretty neat project.

Breaking Glass Ceilings in the Wine Industry
More of these projects, please.

The Current Crop of Harvest Interns Are Also the Future of Wine
Names and faces to remember.

Threatened by climate change, a California winemaker switches to carbon farming and hopes more vineyards join
Nice profile of Robin Lail.

Washington’s Paradoxical 2021 Vintage
Vineyards coming online.

Mexico’s Napa Valley protests against unfettered development
The dance continues.

The lives of vineyard owners and winemakers are far more unglamorous and unpredictable than you’d think
Now if that headline doesn’t just say it all.

How Wine Helped Make Texas Great
Pretty cool story.

The California Winemakers ‘Bursting the Traditonelle Bubble’ with Alternative Grape Varieties
Tasty stuff.

A 1,500-year-old wine factory was found in Israel. Experts say it’s the largest known winery from that era.
Not a small winery, even by today’s standards.

Grey Poupon clones mustard into wine
First, there was this.

Seriously, how did Grey Poupon’s terrible mustard wine sell out in one day?
Then there was this.

How to be the ideal diner
And leave a big tip. On the whole check, including the wine.

Can a Wine List Be More Than Its Wines?
Great profile of one of my favorite wine friends.

Turning the Tables on Stacy Louise Briscoe
The new editor of Wine Industry Advisor answers questions.

Blueberry Wine Gets Serious
Seriously good, apparently.

You Need Wine Collection Insurance. Here’s Why
If you have more than 50 bottles, it’s a good idea.

Vermentino Is Crisp, Fresh, and Underrated
Love me some Vermentino.

The Empowering Story of Las Amigas Cuvée, the First Latina-Owned Sparkling Wine in the Napa Valley
New project alert.

Increasing Temperatures Led to Better-Tasting Wine Grapes, but for How Long?
What the scientists say.

Wine Deal Making Surges as Investors Look Past Covid-19 Woes
Big bump.

Colorado Is the New Sonoma
It’s grand!

Napa Valley’s Fairwinds Estate Winery sues insurer claiming refusal to pay Glass fire claim
That’s a fishy-sounding policy for sure.

She’s Utilizing 3D Technology to Bring Wine World Marketing To The Next Level
Nice profile of an excellent offering and the lady behind it.

Sparkling Champagne sales ease gloom over ravaged vineyard
A sparkling line, so to speak.

Canada’s Exciting Western Edge: The Wine Islands
A nice report from Treve Ring.

Champagne – James Bond’s royal flush
Charting the evolution of Bond’s taste.

What James Bond could teach the wine industry
And Robert Joseph moves beyond bottles to metaphor.

Wine in cans: technical issues
Interesting research.

Despite pandemic, US visitors head to Napa Valley during grape harvest peak
Busy in wine country. That’s good.

European Winemakers Reconsider Still and Fortified Wines Amid Climate Change
Sparkling goes still, still goes sweet.

How Master Sommelier June Rodil Builds Wine Lists That Are Just as Diverse as Houston
Great profile of a great lady.

Winemakers Ask, Is China’s Market Worth It?
The lottery is worth it, but only if you win.

How NBA players are helping drive diversity in the wine industry
One of the most important impacts on the modern wine industry.