Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 5/29/22

Hello and welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

How a Beaujolais Winemaker Kicked Off the Low-Sulfur Revolution
An excellent overview of the beginnings of natural wine and the evolution of Beaujolais.

The psychology of the collector – what’s on a collector’s mind?
More and more and more.

Toward more sustainable wine: Scientists can now track sulfur from grapes to streams
It’s there. Remains to see how bad it is.

How wine is produced at 12,000 feet in the driest place in the world
Very carefully.

Old-School Winemaking Techniques Are the New Cool in South America
Amanda knows.

Why Unsung Wine Made Near Rome Is Finally Enjoying a Renaissance
Not just because Joe Capanale likes it.

You Must Remember This: Moderate Wine Consumption Linked to Lower Risk of Dementia
Wine is neuroprotective. For this week anyway.

The Making of a 100-Point Wine: A Brunello with Longevity from a Historic Producer
Classy Costanti.

The Cockburn Name Rises Again
A wine industry phoenix.

How the Deaf Community Is Revolutionizing Wine Communication
One of the coolest stories I’ve read in quite some time.

Wine bottle foil is wasteful, annoying — and going away
And good riddance.

Changemakers at Paso Robles’ Tin City Blend Wine, Culture, and Ingenuity
The urban winery experience.

Can’t finish a bottle in one sitting? Here’s what to do with leftover wine
Or make vinegar.

Wine exec cleared 40 acres of trees for vineyard, CA officials say. He faces $3.75M fine
His third time in court in recent years.

The Surprising, Saline Whites of the Mâconnais
Tasty, too, says Eric Asimov.

Andrew Jefford: ‘Pinotism is a cult within the wine world. Why?’
Andrew has more questions than answers.

Machete-Wielding Men Storm Winery Amid Mexico Water Shortages
Hand over your irrigation… or else.

3 wine industry women honored as trailblazers by Association of African American Vintners

As supply-chain issues bite, wineries are looking at innovative ways to cut costs – and help the environment.
Necessity births invention.

Austrian Sekt ready for a ‘big offensive’
There’s nothing offensive about sekt.

In Portugal, a Vinho Verde Grape Becomes an Easy-Drinking Varietal Wine
Your introduction to Avesso.

Meet Six Women Who Are Helping Grow the Colorado Wine Industry
Colorado ladies making a big impact.

Iris Rideau: A Pioneer Gets Her Due ‘Because People Want to Know Now’
Dottie and John interview a legend.

Global wine production: Northern hemisphere countries suffer while southern hemisphere winemakers thrive
The ups and downs of wine.

Poisonous, invasive black skeletonizer moth discovered in California vineyard
Call it Skeletor and be done with it.

Oregon Pinot Noir is Renowned. Why Doesn’t the Variety Excel in Washington?
A question many have asked.

Wine as scapegoat in trade disputes means consumers pay the price
The results are in. Tariffs are bad.

Idaho vineyard operators navigate cold, wet weather
Still some tough vintages in Idaho.

Sierra Foothills Counties File For Disaster Aid, Though Frost Damage Still Being Assessed in West Coast Vineyards

Where Have All the Sommeliers Gone?
SMH at that illustration.

Scientists claim higher altitude vines may adapt ‘better’ to climate change
Makes some sense.

How the Sierra Foothills’ Rich Wine History Drives Amador County’s Only Natural Winery
The End of Nowhere.