Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 7/24/22

Hello and welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Cape wine – export or die
Jancis on South African woes.

Napa’s latest vineyard deal comes with a shocking price tag: $0
A massive win-win for three fabulous people.

Nanomagnets Can Choose a Wine, and Could Slake AI’s Thirst for Energy
Only barely about wine. That won’t stop headlines like “AI is smarter than sommeliers,” though.

Meet the Company Turning Wine Waste into a Delectable Superfood Treat
Yes, but how do they taste?

Wildfires rage across wine-growing southwestern France, arson suspected
There’s now a “fire season” everywhere, it seems.

Why Japan’s Greatest Drink Is More Popular Than Ever Before
Sake rocks!

This Hotel Has an Emergency Champagne Phone, so You Can Get Bubbly Whenever You Wish
Every hotel should have one.

Book it to Baja for a Tranquil Wine Country Escape with Fine Dining Gems
One of the hottest (literally) wine country destinations.

California could soon add a new fee to wine and liquor bottles
Not sure this has been fully thought through.

‘Couple’ arrested over £1.3 million wine ‘theft of the century’ from Michelin-starred restaurant
The question is… where is the wine?

The Dirty Truth Soil Health Plays In Wine
Michelle Williams digs in.

California’s OG Wine Grape Might Be Its Modern Day Savior
Mission on the rise.

Napa wine tasting fees are more than twice as expensive as 6 years ago. Here’s why
Not just inflation.

The quiet yet steady rise of Japanese sparkling wine
Only a matter of time.

Sardinia’s Eclectic Wine Regions—The North
Part I

Sardinia’s Eclectic Wine Regions—The South, West And East
Part II

Angelina Jolie scores win against Brad Pitt in increasingly bitter wine feud
The war of the rosés continues.

Luxury, Isolation, and a Quest to Make the World’s Best Wine
The lasers are just for the rabbits?!? I don’t believe that for a second.

Should non-French countries be able to use the term Grand Cru?
Interesting debate.

Napa Valley Loses Weight – Wineries embrace lighter glass
More of this please.

Want Top Wines from Napa? Buy from Bordeaux
Globalization rolls on.

North Coast grape harvest expected to come with lighter yield than average
The grape market continues to tighten.

Fires near Bordeaux: Liber Pater vineyard evacuated
Not a massive disaster yet.

Wine journey takes Deloitte principal from garage to the Himalayas
A journey, indeed.

Inside the Iconic Red Blends of Bolgheri
A solid primer.

Will Champagne’s pursuit of provenance kill the blend?
Seems implausible.

Collecting Flavour
Wine knowledge.

New Study Links Wine to Better Cognitive Function in Elderly
The latest good news for drinkers.

Is Boxed Wine Becoming Cool?
Sexier for sure. Cool? Definitely note.

Andrew Jefford: ‘Telling stories about terroir will lead us astray’
Andrew wants science.

The unexpected ingredient in this $275 Napa wine: S.F. Bay water
A surprising approach.

Wildfire leaves sense of “total destruction”, Spanish winemaker says
A sadly familiar tale.

The Expense of Artist Series Wine Labels Proves Priceless
LM Archer investigates.

Devil’s Advocate – Building Bridges with Academics
Robert Joseph wants more collaboration.

Pomerol granted permission for ‘exceptional’ irrigation
This will be more common, methinks.

Châteauneuf-du-Cape: star South African Rhône blends
A nice overview of the style.

Why a Penfolds Franco-Aussie wine blend is just the beginning
Good thing they’re not going to run out of bin numbers.

How Orange Wine Is Changing Australian Wine Culture
Skin-contact down under.

Climate Change May Turn the UK Into a Global Wine-Producing Powerhouse
Denmark, too?

ULC’s Draft Shipping Changes Face Intense Industry Backlash
As well it should.