Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 3/12/23

Hello, and welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard-inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Silicon Valley Bank collapse is causing a financial crisis for California’s wine industry
Uncertain times.

Silicon Valley Bank Closure Leaves Wine Industry Clients in the Weeds

Silicon Valley Bank – Thoughts from a Longtime Client
Adam Lee tells his story.

Silicon Valley Bank: What comes next?
Rob McMillan on what happened and what’s next.

Wineries to Have Access to All Their Funds at Silicon Valley Bank Beginning Today, March 13th
The new normal.

A New Way to Pinpoint the Science of Terroir

Devil’s Advocate: What We Could All Learn From ChatGPT
Humility, says Robert Joseph.

The Roots Fund is changing the American wine scene for the better
More diversity IS better.

He wrote ‘Sideways,’ which became the most influential wine movie ever made. Now he says he was ‘completely ripped off’
Esther chats with Rex Pickett.

Why I broke my resolution to never write about ‘Sideways’
Esther confesses.

Ann Kraemer’s Magic At Shake Ridge Ranch
Amador’s finest grapes.

Mateus – the success story of Portugal’s best-selling rosé wine
A legendary bottle.

Napa’s first Black female winemaker is forging a path for other people of color in the industry

The Disenfranchised
Who doesn’t get wine, and why?

An environmentally friendly glass bottle may be closer than you think
We hope.

The Impact of AI on Wine Writing: Will it Be as Big as We Think?
It will be a source of lots of mediocre content.

Taming the Grapevine
Spectator on the latest research results.

Profiles in wine: Carole Meredith, wine grape geneticist
Call her Zinfandel’s fairy godmother.

Ukraine’s defiant winemakers look to EU and exports
Someone needs to step up and start importing.

California Wine Country’s race to build wine palaces
My architect is better than your architect.

Learning the winemaking process — in Sonoma’s Hungarian sister city
Did you know Sonoma and Tokaj were tight?

Need another incentive to move to lightweight glass? How about $2.2 million over 14 years?
Jason Haas, on the leading edge of thinking, as usual.

Terrance James Leighton (1944–2023): High roads less traveled at Kalin Cellars
A nice tribute to one of California’s unsung winemakers.

NYC wine icon Sherry-Lehmann shuts down after cease-and-desist order
When you don’t pay to keep up your liquor license…

The Wine World Is Diversifying, but Progress Is Slow. Here’s How the Pros Are Helping to Speed It up.
All the help we can get.

Inside Ukraine’s wartime wine industry
A nice in-depth look at a proud industry.

Argentina to launch ‘Malbec dollar’ exchange rate to spur wine exports
Better margins for exporters.

The French Colonization of Algeria and the Untold History of the French Appellation System
History most don’t know.

The great white wines of Australia: Semillon
If you have patience.

Climate change a threat to Sherry’s flor yeast, study says
Among other things.

You’ve Been Drinking Orange Wine Wrong
Let it warm up a bit. And pro tip: decant.

China’s New Wave of Natural Wine
Tea-infused pet-nat anyone?

Farm like there’s no tomorrow
Jancis “tastes” soil.