Category: Vinography Images

Vinography Images: Vineyard Vantage Point

Vineyard Vantage Point SANTA YNEZ, CA: The Vogelzang Vineyards along Happy Canyon Road are viewed from a high vantage point

Vinography Images: A Splash of Sun

A Splash of Sun LOMPOC, CA: A thick fog bank, broken up by shafts of sunlight that illuminate the vines,

Vinography Images: From the Mist

From the Mist SANTA YNEZ, CA: The fog hangs close to the vines at Dierberg Star Lane Vineyards near Santa

Vinography Images: Black Jewels

Black Jewels LOS OLIVOS, CA: A cluster of ripe Cabernet Franc grapes shine like jewels with morning dew in a

Vinography Images: Happy Green

Happy Green LOMPOC, CA: A thick fog bank hangs along the Sta. Rita Hills at Sanford & Benedict Vineyard near

Vinography Images: The Cool Distance

The Cool Distance SANTA MARIA, CA: Hillside Pinot Noir vineyards along the Tepusquet Bench are viewed in the late afternoon

Vinography Images: Stone Temple

Stone Temple SANTA MARIA, CA: An outcropping of white calcareous rock looms over a nearby vineyard near Santa Maria, California.

Vinography Images: Green and Gold

Green and Gold SANTA MARIA, CA: Hillside pinot noir vineyards along the Tepusquet Bench are viewed in the late afternoon

Vinography Images: Scenic Backdrop

Scenic Backdrop SANTA YNEZ, CA: The backcountry wilderness along Paradise Road along the upper Santa Ynez River can be seen

Vinography Images: Rolling in the Mists

Rolling in the Mists SANTA YNEZ, CA: A Cabernet vineyard at Dierberg Star Lane Vineyards is shrouded in fog on

Vinography Images: Vinecushion

Vinecushion LOS OLIVOS, CA: New plantings are staked with wooden supports making a pincushion effect around an old California Live

Vinography Images: Two Worlds

Two Worlds SANTA MARIA, CA: Hillside Pinot Noir vineyards run up against even steeper hills along the Tepusquet Bench are

Vinography Images: Reflecting Vine

Reflecting Vine SANTA YNEZ, CA: The pond at Refugio Ranch near Santa Ynez, California. Water is increasingly one of the

Vinography Images: Row Orientation

Row Orientation SANTA MARIA, CA: A hillside chardonnay vineyard angles up a hillside to catch the sun near Santa Maria,

Vinography Images: Skirting the Hill

Skirting the Hill SANTA YNEZ, CA: A heavy winter of rains have eliminated the threat of drought in Santa Barbara

Vinography Images: Quicksilver Threads

Quicksilver Threads SANTA YNEZ, CA: Low angled light and moisture make the trellises in Happy Canyon Vineyards near Santa Ynez

Vinography Images: Hazy Shade of Fear

Hazy Shade of Fear SANTA MARIA, CA: Dark afternoon smoke from the officially named Alamo Fire, burning in the nearby

Vinography Images: Wine Country Fire

Wine Country Fire SANTA YNEZ, CA: Flames and billowing afternoon smoke, caused by the officially named Whittier Fire burning in

Vinography Images: The Original Barn

The Original Barn LOMPOC, CA: The iconic barn at at Sanford & Benedict Vineyard reflects the green of the vines