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Vinography Images: Old Souls

Old Souls I love the individual personalities of older vines like these head-pruned vines that are grown without any trellising

Vinography Images: Between the Rows

Between The Rows I haven’t been to Napa in Months, but I’m headed up there in a few weeks and

Vinography Images: The New Green

The New Green For the most part in the Northern Hemisphere, the vines are sleeping — their long bare canes

Vinography Images: The Green Leaf

The Green Leaf You can tell a lot about a grape vine from its leaves. Among other things, according to

Vinography Images: The Sphere

The Sphere Grape or sculpture? I might just pay money for a handblown glass lamp resembling this luminous sphere of

Vinography Images: One Berry

One Berry The first time I tasted a Cabernet grape I was surprised at how unlike Cabernet wine it tasted.

Vinography Images: Golden Globes

Golden Globes Andy’s close-up images of grapes are really special. The translucency of the skin with the light shining through

Vinography Images: Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit I love the color in this image, and the bright wetness of the fruit and its motion into

Vinography Images: Golden Globe

Golden Globe I love how this little grape looks like its own little universe. Zoom in farther and it might

Vinography Images: Heavenly Light

Heavenly Light When I saw this photo I felt like I instantly recognized the location. Not that I knew the

Vinography Images: In The Mustard

In the Mustard Mustard, a common signature of Spring vineyards in Napa may be pretty to look at, but it

Vinography Images: Old Vine

Old Vine The whorls and gnarls of old vines are like fingerprints. I never get tired of looking at their

Vinography Images: Taking Wing

Taking Wing I love great photographs of vineyards, which is mostly why I try to bring you a new image

Vinography Images: The Russian River

The Russian River Somewhere deep in the fog of this image, grapes are busy growing. This is the engine that

Vinography Images: Leaf and Grapes

Leaf and Grapes I love the structure of leaves, and their translucent quality that reveals it in the sun. And

Vinography Images: Morning Dew

Morning Dew It often comes as a surprise to most people that I happen to have a degree in fine

Vinography Images: Lone Trees

Lone Trees Every week, photographer Andy Katz sends me a new image to post here for your viewing pleasure. I

Vinography Images: A New Leaf

A New Leaf So much attention is paid to the fruit of the vine. Everything in wine, at least from

Vinography Images: Leafing Out

Leafing Out As the weather warms, the vines begin to come out of their winter dormancy, and first buds, then