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Vinography Images: A New Leaf

A New Leaf So much attention is paid to the fruit of the vine. Everything in wine, at least from

Vinography Images: Last Rays Vineyard

Last Rays Vineyard The only thing that would improve this view of a Paso Robles vineyard at sunset would be

Vinography Images: Vineyard Behind the Oaks

Vineyard Behind the Oaks The rain that we’ve been having this week aside, the vineyards of Northern California wine country

Vinography Images: Light Through Grapes

Light Through Grapes In a miraculous chemistry shared with so many bounties of the natural world, grapes take the light

Vinography Images: Leaf and Berry

Leaf and Berry Even those who work in vineyards every day can’t match the stillness of contemplation that a photograph

Vinography Images: The Tonnellerie

The Tonnellerie The toasting of barrels in a Tonnellerie (or cooperage) serves two purposes — to shape the barrel to

Vinography Images: One Red Grape

One Red Grape Veraison [ver-ay-zun]. Noun. The stage of grape berry development that marks the beginning of ripening when the

Vinography Images: Sunset Vineyard

Sunset Vineyard We talk a lot about the dirt that wine comes from, but we don’t talk enough about the