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Vinography Images: The New Green

The New Green For the most part in the Northern Hemisphere, the vines are sleeping — their long bare canes

Vinography Images: The Green Leaf

The Green Leaf You can tell a lot about a grape vine from its leaves. Among other things, according to

Vinography Images: One Berry

One Berry The first time I tasted a Cabernet grape I was surprised at how unlike Cabernet wine it tasted.

Vinography Images: Vine Color

Vine Color Harvest has begun in many places in North America, and soon the vines will begin to take on

Vinography Images: Leaf and Grapes

Leaf and Grapes I love the structure of leaves, and their translucent quality that reveals it in the sun. And

Vinography Images: Morning Dew

Morning Dew It often comes as a surprise to most people that I happen to have a degree in fine

Vinography Images: Leafing Out

Leafing Out As the weather warms, the vines begin to come out of their winter dormancy, and first buds, then

Vinography Images: Leaf and Berry

Leaf and Berry Even those who work in vineyards every day can’t match the stillness of contemplation that a photograph