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Vinography Images: Howell Mountain Fog

Howell Mountain Fog NAPA VALLEY, CA: A pine forest high on the slopes of Howell Mountain in the Napa Valley

Vinography Images: Spring Storm in Colchagua

Spring Storm in Colchagua Chile is a land of extremes, thanks to its extremely varied, and tightly woven topography, where

Vinography Images: Taking Wing

Taking Wing I love great photographs of vineyards, which is mostly why I try to bring you a new image

Vinography Images: Leaf and Grapes

Leaf and Grapes I love the structure of leaves, and their translucent quality that reveals it in the sun. And

Vinography Images: The Sunlit Knoll

The Sunlit Knoll We tend to think of Napa and Sonoma as two distinct and separate wine regions, yet there

Vinography Images: Highlights

Highlights Vineyards become the most dramatic at the end of the day, when, like mountain ridges, they can be caught

Vinography Images: Last Rays Vineyard

Last Rays Vineyard The only thing that would improve this view of a Paso Robles vineyard at sunset would be

Vinography Images: Spring in the Vineyard

Spring in the Vineyard All over California old gnarled vines that have looked half-dead since they were pruned some months

Vinography Images: Grape Light

Grape Light The grape consists of three primary elements, the skin, the pulp, and the seeds. The skin is actually

Vinography Images: The Tonnellerie

The Tonnellerie The toasting of barrels in a Tonnellerie (or cooperage) serves two purposes — to shape the barrel to

Vinography Images: One Red Grape

One Red Grape Veraison [ver-ay-zun]. Noun. The stage of grape berry development that marks the beginning of ripening when the