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The 2008 American Wine Blog Award Winners

winner_2008.gifThis morning, Tom Wark announced the winners of the 2008 American Wine Blog Awards, and I'm thrilled to share that Vinography was lauded for Best Writing and Best Overall Wine Blog. These aren't the first awards that I've won here, but in many ways they're the most meaningful. Three years ago, winning the Best Wine Blog as part of the Food Blogging Awards was great, but when there were only a handful of wine blogs, most of which were barely maintained, someone dedicated like me who knew how to use spell check didn't have much competition, so to speak.

In 2008 there are hundreds and hundreds of wine blogs, many of which are written by folks much more serious than I when it comes to wine writing. The quality of wine blogging has grown exponentially, and there are dozens of sites out there that are run like (and indeed are) professional outlets for wine writing. In this context, then, am I both the most proud and the most humbled to have won these awards.

I owe you, my readers, and incredible debt of gratitude, not only for your supportive nominations and votes for these awards, but also for the fact that you keep coming back here to read what I write day after day, week after week. I've been typing away here every day for 4 years with almost no interruption, and my drive comes equally from my own passion and the knowledge that there are folks like you out there that actually enjoy my thoughts and ideas, and appreciate my recommendations.

So here's (I'm raising a glass of Malvasia that I've been nursing this evening) to you my dear readers. Thank you so much for helping me keep my own passion for wine alive.

Now, enough of this acceptance speech. What you really need to do is go check out the other folks that won these awards, because if you don't know about these blogs already you really should.

Good Wine Under $20 won for Best Wine Reviews and Best Single Subject Wine Blog. Deb is an excellent passionate writer, and her emphasis on value wines has carved a comfy little nook for those who want to curl up with a nice bottle without shelling out too much cash.

The Wine Collector won Best Wine Business Blog. Steve Bachmann, the CEO of Vinfolio knows more about wine collecting than most people, and his blog focuses on both the personal aspects of collecting as well as the industry trends that affect collectors and wine investors. Steve's a numbers guy, so his entries are usually packed with interesting (but digestible) data.

Chateau Petrogasm won Best Graphics for their unique and quirky obsession with writing wine reviews without...writing. These guys review wines by finding random photos that they think capture the essence of a wine. It's more minimalist than haiku -- perhaps its how Andy Warhol would review wines?

If you haven't heard of Grape Radio, who won Best Wine Podcast, then you don't spend much time on the Internet surfing for wine topics. These guys jumped into the wine podcasting arena headfirst a couple of years ago and have been churning out high quality interviews, commentary, and more to the delight of iPod toting wine lovers everywhere.

Jason Haas has many better things to do at Tablas Creek Vineyard than blog, but that hasn't stopped him from writing a fabulously insightful and entertaining blog about winemaking, wine marketing, and the day to day life at one of California's most distinctive wineries. Jason deservedly won Best Winery Blog for his efforts, which truly set the bar for winery blogs everywhere.

And that wraps up this year's awards. Again, thank you all for voting, caring, and visiting wine blogs. Now go pop a cork!!

Comments (28)

04.01.08 at 12:56 AM

Congratultions Alder! You are indeed deserving. I consider you a "gentleman blogger" in the sense you are always so respectful and communicative with your readers.

Marco Romano wrote:
04.01.08 at 6:34 AM


alex deve wrote:
04.01.08 at 7:48 AM

nice work and great blog!

Arnaud H wrote:
04.01.08 at 7:52 AM

Congratulations, you deserve it. Yours is one of the few wine-dedicated blogs I read regularly.

Mitzi wrote:
04.01.08 at 8:40 AM

Congratulations! I really enjoy reading your blog.

Christopher O'Gorman wrote:
04.01.08 at 9:10 AM

Congratulations Alder!

Bacchus wrote:
04.01.08 at 10:04 AM

Pop a cork of a fine Champagne and celebrate the Best Overall Wine Blog. Congratulations

Allen Clark wrote:
04.01.08 at 10:12 AM

Can't say I'm surprised, Alder, you're pretty much the standard in my book. Interesting that the awards have no design category. The clean presentation and organization of your blog site is most commendable as well.

Amy Gardner wrote:
04.01.08 at 10:19 AM

Good Work yet again Alder. Glad to see you won--your blog is a must read in the am for me.

winehiker wrote:
04.01.08 at 10:49 AM

Absolutely wonderful news, Alder, and very well deserved. Cin-cin!

Benjamin wrote:
04.01.08 at 2:52 PM

Very well deserved indeed. Stay passionate & keep up the hard work.

04.01.08 at 7:54 PM

Alder, kudos to you, on these much-deserved awards. I am green, green, green with envy - a Vinho Verde pales by comparison. I strive for, but never catch up to, the standard you set, and my writing is better for it. I am glad you do what you do.


Tyler T wrote:
04.01.08 at 8:02 PM

Congrats Alder. Well deserved.

barbara wrote:
04.01.08 at 11:41 PM

Congratulations Alder.

Iris wrote:
04.02.08 at 9:32 AM

Felicitation, Alder! And for one time I'm proud, that my personal choice met the mainstream too:-)

I come here regularly since the last two or three years (time goes by so quickly...) and I always enjoy my stay.

I savored a glass of mourvèdre yesterday à ta sant et gloire!

ews wrote:
04.02.08 at 9:49 AM

Congratulations on the prize! (and well deserved, I may add)

May I ask which malvasia did you drink? I'm really curious...

Alder wrote:
04.02.08 at 10:22 AM

Thanks Elia,

I was drinking a glass of Koper Malvasia from Slovenia. I'll be doing a writeup soon on the little Slovenian wine tasting I had recently.

Bob Hall wrote:
04.04.08 at 11:07 PM

I checked out all the other nominees prior to voting. I think you deserve it. And my palate concurs. Thanks for shining a guiding light on the precious liquid.

Krista wrote:
04.05.08 at 7:58 AM

I've learned so much from your site...mucho congrats on the well-deserved win.

Vinama wrote:
04.05.08 at 8:42 AM

Always good to have a confirmation that you are on the right track. Well done Alder!

Dale Cruse wrote:
04.05.08 at 12:51 PM


Alder's mom wrote:
04.06.08 at 2:52 PM

I am so proud of you Alder. You work so hard to achieve these awards

Steve Yafa wrote:
04.06.08 at 4:47 PM

Lifting a glass to a man who makes his passion for wine personal and universal all at once— no easy task, especially with one hand wrapped around a glass stem. Well done, Alder, once again!

S Andrews wrote:
04.08.08 at 1:37 PM


Mindmuse wrote:
04.09.08 at 2:01 PM

I am seriously unaccustomed to voting for winners, but in this case it was a collective no-brainer.
Well done. Well deserved.

Mindmuse wrote:
04.09.08 at 2:22 PM

Well done. Well deserved.

Zach Coelius wrote:
04.09.08 at 4:18 PM

Very well done, you make us all very proud.

tomy wrote:
03.24.09 at 3:36 AM

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