2001 Edmeades Mendocino Zinfandel

Further proof that Mr. Robert Parker is not all he’s cracked up to be. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that his palate and mine agree about half the time, maybe a little more, but there are times when we are two wine-tasting trains passing in the night. I picked up a bottle of Edmeades Zinfandel the other day in my local grocery store — it had the right price, a Robert Parker Rating of 90, and I had just finished my tour at Zap and was interested in comparing my direct experience with hundreds of winemakers and “the greatest palate on earth:. Only after tasting the stuff and thinking, “huh, why all the fuss?” did I discover that they are part of the massive wine conglomerate and temple to mediocrity that is Kendall Jackson. Sheesh.

Tasting Notes:
This is strong stuff and it tastes that way. 15.6 percent alcohol makes for a hot finish. In the glass it isn’t that strong, with a pleasant nose of burnt pine and anise that gives way to overripe plum and boysenberry in the mouth. The wine lists towards the heat of its alchohol without much ballast to even it out, making for a decent, but ultimately forgettable wine.

Food Pairing:
The wine was drunk with a cheese course that included a couple of aged goat cheeses, an English Shropshire, and some aged gouda, and it held up well and complemented a number of the cheeses.

Overall Score: 7

How much?: $18 at my local grocery, and what a pain to notice that it’s $14 at Bevmo. If you’ve a large party to serve it might be worth it, otherwise give this one a pass. There’s better zinfandels out there for the money from producers like Rosenblum.