2001 Martella “Hammer” Syrah

If I was going to name a wine “Hammer” I would damn well make sure that it had the oomph to knock back even the most discerning of critics, and Michael Martella has admirably done the job. This wine turned the heads of a number of people at a small gathering I had the other night, bringing person after person back to the table to enquire what it was we were drinking.

Tasting Notes:
Beautifully bright ruby red, its a pleasure to pour let alone drink. The wine has a classic smoky barnyard smell that characterizes all the best Syrah’s I’ve ever drunk. This aroma gives way to plush cardamom, blackberry jam, rasberry and other fruit flavors in the mouth. It’s wonderfully round and clean with a medium to short finish that makes it easy to drink more than you should.

Food Pairing:
I served this wine with some strong cheeses and it did wonderfully. I’d also serve it with hearty sweet and spicy fare like moussakka or eggplant parmesan.

Overall Score: 9

How much?: $18-$20

I got mine from Porthos in a club shipment and immediately ordered more.