A 100 point wine by any other name…

Here’s an article from Ben Gilberti and the Washington Post on a 100 point wine dinner he attended (10 wines which each received a perfect score of 100). It’s a reasonably good article but is clearly written from the standpoint of a major oenophile which may turn some off. Interestingly (to me) he mentions that only about 120 wines have ever received that score, which is fewer than I would have imagined and ultimately justifies the lunacy of that system.

Read the article here. (NOTE: requires free registration)

The 100 point system has been compared to the 65-100 point grading system in American schools, but when a student gets an A+ / 100% on a paper, we’re not saying its the most perfect paper ever written.

And just so everyone knows, when I rate a wine a “10” here on this site, I’m not saying it’s perfect either, just really damn good, like that paper on peregrine falcons I wrote in 5th grade with the hand drawn illustrations…. uh…sorry.

Anyhow, just remember there are alternatives to the 100 point tyranny.