Red wine is good for everything, apparently

Seems like every few months we get a new report on the health benefits of drinking red wine. I’m all for it, no matter what excuse you need. A while back I started cataloging the various benefits and for your pleasure I present some of the better ones. Before you ask, YES these are all real news stories and real scientific results.

Red wine stops herpes. Apparently a little red wine splashed on your herpes or cold sores will do wonders.

Red wine helps prevent colds. Supposedly, drinking a glass of red wine a day leads to 44% fewer colds.

Red wine stops brain deterioration and builds nueral connections. A glass a day may help prevent the spread of Parkinsons and other disorders.

Red (and white) wine may help lower your cancer risk. A compound in grapes helps prevent cancer cells from reproducing.

Red wine reduces your risk of cardiovascular (heart) disease. Apparently red wine contains helpful hormones similar to estrogen that act as anti-oxidants and protect the heart against problems.

Red wine reduces cholesterol. Red wine contains compounds which prevent the buildup of bad cholesterol in your system.

Red wine destoys lung infecting bacteria. Drinking wine daily may help prevent you from getting pneumonia.

Red wine can slow and sometimes reverse the aging process. Drinking red wine provides the body with enzymes that can help keep cells healthy longer.

Red wine prevents you from getting really bad sunburns (and then skin cancer). Apparently a good amount of red wine keeps melanoma at bay.

And finally, something that may lead to swimming pools filled with red wine…

Red wine increases the shelf life of most fruit. Grocers take note: dip your fruit in red wine, and it keeps longer on the shelf. Could the same be true for humans ?

All I can say is, “bottoms up!”