2001 Liparita Chardonnay, Carneros

Liparita was launched in 1987 with 100 cases of Chardonnay and derives its name from from the Sicilian island of Lipari (mod. Isolta Lipari). The volcanic soils of this tiny island were reminiscent of those found on Liparita’s Howell Mountain property. Owner Bob Burrows and winemaker Kerry Signoracci have increased their production to 8000 barrels and have expanded from that initial Chardonnay to a whole portfolio of wines which include some excellent award winning Cabernets and a great Sauvignon Blanc.

Much of the winery’s fruit is sourced from elsewhere in Napa, and often from very high quality vineyards, known and unknown.

This wine is tank fermented and 50 percent of it goes through secondary malolactic fermentation with 40 percent of the total amount seeing new French oak.

Tasting Notes:
This wine doesn’t have much color in the glass, barely making it to a shade of pale clear gold. The nose contains aromas of golden delicious apples, buttered toast, cashews, and dried herbs. On the tongue it has beautiful, delicate buttery tones mixed with flavors of unripe apples, chalk, and new oak, with a very crisp acidity for something that has clearly seen a lot of malolactic fermetation. While I tend to not like wines that are mouthfuls of butter and creme brulee, this wine has a nice balance to it that saves it from being overwrought.

Food Pairing:
I’d have no problem serving this with my classic chicken piccata recipe which resembles this one, with the crucial addition of artichoke hearts.

Overall Score: 8.5

How much?: $23

There doesn’t seem to be much of this out there, but a quick pass through Froogle found a couple of retailers.