Restaurant Review: Lombardi’s Pizza (and Every Good Pizza Restaurant), New York City

So I sat down this morning to write a snappy review of some of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten in my life, courtesy of Lombardi’s Pizzeria in SoHo, which can reasonably claim to be the first pizza place in New York City, and for many years has also had a reasonable claim to being the best pizza in NY.

However, due to the remarkable coincidence of fate that so often plagues the Internet and those who surf it regularly, I was notified this morning of a New York Pizzeria posting on one of the blogs I read regularly. Following a chain of links, I arrived at the holy grail of pizza lovers: an entire blog dedicated to pizza in New York: Slice NY.

Rather than waste my time telling you about the great pizza I had (which was truly fantastic) I’ll turn you over to the hands of the true experts and let it go at that. I submit to a higher authority.

Happy pie eating.