What Happens When You Get Rid of The Wine List?

From the Wine Spectator:

The Park Avenue Cafe in New York has taken the bold step of getting rid of their paper wine list and simply putting all the bottles on display in the restaurant for people to choose from. While I love the idea because I’m a visual person, the logistics of having a table with 130 wines on it that’s easily accessible to all diners is a tough one.

Apparently they have little tags around the neck of each bottle telling you the price, etc. Perhaps worried about how overwhelming 130 wines are, they have taken the top 15 wines and put them on a separate table. Good thing.

I wonder if they imagine that people are more willing to shell out more money if they’re staring right at that 1982 Margaux instead of seeing it on a list of several other wines in the $300+ dollar range. I’d be willing to bet that consumers would.

In any case, its an interesting concept, and one that I’ll bet is more intuitive than some other fancy attempts at doing away with the paper wine list and less prone to “505 Server Error.”

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