The Strangeness of Having a Blog

Having a blog is an interesting way of observing the world around you. I keep track, as most do, of where you readers come from, and how often you visit, of course all in anonymous, aggregate fashion. One of the things I pay particular attention to is my referrer log, which is the bit of web site statistics that keeps track of which sites have links to me that you readers actually follow to get here. Most of them are pretty much what you might expect: Google search results, Yahoo search results, other wine and food blogs. But today as I was looking through those stats, I was shocked to see that my number 30 most frequent referrer (with 575 referrals already this month) is Yes, that’s right, the International Atomic Energy Agency — the ones that send nastygrams to Iran and North Korea telling them to lay off the enriched Uranium.

Huh ?!?

The Internet is a strange, strange place. I can’t find any reference to Vinography anywhere on their site, of course. Any wine loving UNIX hacks out there who can venture a guess as to what’s going on?