Wine Terrorists? I Thought It Would Never Happen

No, I’m not talking about Terroir-ists, I’m talking about the honest-to-god bomb-detonating, gun-toting terrorists. If you had told me over a drink that some winemakers or wine growers would eventually start blowing things up, I never would have believed you. All the wine industry people I’ve ever met, in this country and abroad, are just plain good folks, who, while highly opinionated, would be hard pressed to find something that would drive them to take up arms against their fellow man.

Well it appears I am wrong, in particular having underestimated the strength of feeling with regards to anti-globalization and anti-corporate feelings. It seems that there is now a terrorist organization called “Comite Regional d’Action Viticole (CRAV)” that is blowing things up in the Languedoc region of France in protest of the large corporate wineries and their related companies that are moving into the area.

I’d make a joke about it, except these folks seem pretty darn serious, and may end up hurting someone.