Wine Flavors According to Jelly Belly and Deloach Vineyards

I don’t know the last time I was so simultaneously grossed out and also strangely curious at the same time. Thanks to a tip from Jathan over at WineExpression, apparently with either a lack of something better to do, or a brilliant co-marketing idea, or both, Deloach Vineyards, Jelly Belly candy, and WineX Magazine have put together a Jelly Belly wine bar.

Not like you ever really wanted to know, but if you wanted to throw eleven jellybeans in your mouth at the same time and wanted the resulting taste to be like a “traditional French Champagne” then you’d want one of each of the following:

Caramel Apple
Green Apple
Lemon Drop
Juicy Pear
Crushed Pineapple
Red Apple
Strawberry Jam
Toasted Marshmallow
French Vanilla
Buttered Toast

My stomach roils at the thought, but I am left wondering, like spoiled milk, just how bad does it taste?

They actually have recipes for nearly 40 different varietals, and, of course, are selling kits for them. I prefer my wine not to taste like candy and vice versa, perhaps with the exception of a nice wine gum now and then, but who knows, this could spawn a whole new generation of wine lovers who all started as jelly bean popping ten-year-olds.