WBW#13 Has Been Announced

Wine Blogging Wednesday, the global online wine tasting event is now in its 13th month, and will be hosted by the charming Clotilde, whose blog Chocolate & Zucchini is the current darling of the food blogging world. For this month’s tasting, she has selected the theme Like Wine For Chocolate, encouraging us all to select wines to drink with chocolate cake. Conveniently (and delectably, I might add) she has provided us all with a simple recipe for a chocolate torte, should we be inspired to bake with glass in hand.

Clotilde’s blog (as heard on NPR and as featured in numerous publications around the world) is wildly popular, so I’m watching with glee to see what effect she can have on the participation in this event.

So go hunting for a wine, any wine, that you think would be a good match for chocolate and we’ll see you online on September 7th.