Do You Need Your Wine Zapped?

Purveyors of crazy, magic wine implements, beware, you’ve now got to compete with the mental powers of young farm boys. In an incredible little story (who cares if it’s all true or not) Alan Goldfarb of the St. Helena Star relates a bizarre set of events that recently happened to him. To keep the story short, a man and his son visited Alan in his office and proceeded to demonstrate the talents of the son, which amounted to mentally zapping a glass of wine to smooth out its tannins and make it taste better, and, oh yes, “allow you to drink as much of the wine as you want without getting a headache.” Yes, you read correctly, we’ve got the modern day wine equivalent of Uri Geller on our hands.

What a perfect way to spend my Friday afternoon: giggling at the preposterousness and perfection of the thing. Elsewhere we have Virgin Marys appearing on slices of toast, or crop circles, but in the Napa Valley, we have wine miracles of course, courtesy of agrarian savants who age wine 5 years just by looking at it. Precious. Michel Rolland just got put out of business.

Check out the story here.