WBW18 Roundup Has Been Posted: Wine Shop Reviews

Frequent wine drinkers who have graduated from their local supermarket and are looking for something better are often at a loss for where to go. They want a good local shop that will take care of them and offer advice, new ideas, and good wine that won’t break the bank.

This month for Wine Blogging Wednesday, the Internet’s virtual wine tasting event, instead of reviewing wines, bloggers all over the world reviewed their favorite wine store. The host, Dr. Vino, has recently posted a roundup of all the different shop reviews and it’s an interesting read. There might even be a shop in your area that was reviewed!

Unfortunately my schedule prevented me from participating in the event this month, so you’ll have to wait for my reviews of local wine shops for a few more days until Edible San Francisco publishes an article that I wrote on this very topic. My hope was that I would get lucky with the publication date and that I could just point people to that article, but it didn’t quite work out that way.

In the meantime, check out the roundup and see what the world of retail wine has to offer.