Sake From Space

Lest you forget that I am a geek at heart, in addition to being a passionate wine lover, I must come clean. My ears did perk up when, thanks to a tip from the folks over at Pink Tentacle, I heard that it might actually be possible to buy Space Sake. Yes, despite an unfortunately chosen launch date of April 1st (which might mean that this IS all an elaborate hoax) it appears that a sake will soon be available that is made from yeast which spent 10 days growing and multiplying in sero gravity, courtesy of the Society of Sake Loving Scientists at the international space station.

OK. I made up that part about the Society of Sake Loving Scientists. But it has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Apparently, someone thought this was a brilliant marketing plan, as well as an interesting scientific endeavor, and now 17 brewers from the Kochi prefecture are making sakes with the yeast, and all will be labeled and marketed under the name Tosa Space Sake “Tosa Uchu-shu” in Japanese.

Read the full story. And if you know where to get some, let me know.